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How to Make an EVA Foam Double Bladed Axe

EVA Foam is a durable but easily workable foam that is soft yet firm. It is great for weapons and armor for LARP and Cosplay.

In this tutorial I show you how to make a double bladed axe out of EVA foam. And I include the template which makes it even easier for you to make.

The Template is here

I also have a video tutorial for this project at the bottom of the page.


EVA foam double bladed axe


Note:I am working on the tutorial right now!

Overview of the Project:

EVA Foam is really very suitable as a fun weapon material. It has a firmness yet it is soft. So, it makes for good Boffing, Larping and cosplay. And it is pretty easy to work with. You can also use a heat gun on it and make shapes and curved armor. In this tutorial we make a pretty straight forward Double bladed axe that looks good but can be used for fun. No need for a heat gun with this project.

The EVA foam is for the blades of the axe. For the handle you can improvise anything including a wooden dowel, broomstick or a length of PVC plastic pipe.

I was concerned about cementing the EVA foam to the PVC pipe handle so I ran a test using 5 different adhesives. Watch the video to see which of the 5 was no good! The other 4 worked perfectly.

Testing adhesives

The five adhesives I tested are

  • PVC Cement (Special cement made for plumbers and PVC pipe)
  • E6000 Adhesive
  • Gorilla 2 part epoxy
  • Barge Cement (Frequently used by people for EVA foam projects)
  • Hot Glue gun

Four of the five worked just great and are suitable for adhering EVA foam to PVC piping. The only one that didn't work was the Gorilla 2 part epoxy. In this tutorial I went ahead and did the project with hot glue because that is the easiest and the fastest.

Tools and Materials:


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Let's Get Started!!


Trace the template onto foam

Print up the template and cut out the axe head that you want to use for your axe. Place it on the sheet of EVA foam and trace it with a black marker. I tried white pencil but that didn't work. A sharpie works really well. Trace two of them.


Cut out the axe pieces

Go ahead and cut those axe heads out. Use an x-acto knife and replace the blade as often as needed. You need a really sharp blade to cut the foam easily.


The two axe heads


Draw the bevels

Draw bevels on the blade edge of the axe heads. It is about 1/2 inch wide.


Cut the bevels

Then cut the bevels with a very sharp knife. Change the blade often!

NextOkay! More resources lower down on the page. Or you can continue with the tutorial right here: Make an EVA foam Double Bladed Axe part 2


The Video Tutorial is here:



EVA foam

On amazon.com this is the exact foam that I bought for this project (And for some other projects): Interlocking Anti-Fatigue EVA Foam Floor Mat


Hot glue gun

Will's Favorite Hot Glue Gun

Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun, Black



xacto knifeX-acto designer series knife #1 blade


Speedball Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink Colour: Silver 8oz