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Make Foam Armor Knights Sabatons (Feet)

Sabatons are the feet in a suit of armor and they need to be made of several sections so they can bend and flex as you walk. I give you the template so you can make sabatons out of cereal box cardboard and craft foam.

And I give you two different styles including the normal to and the Gothic pointed toe.

The template is here.

This is one of a series of craft foam armor projects I have where I make a complete suit of armor. You can see all those projects here.

Will has a youtube channel with over 700 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here


Craft foam knights sabatons


Materials and Tools used for this project:

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Cut out the template pieces

Print up the template and cut out the pieces. You need six pieces to make a sabaton. I also give you two different toe styles that you can choose from, a normal style and a gothic pointed style.






Trace onto cardboard

Put those pieces on your cereal box cardboard and trace them.









Add the dashed lines

Also mark the dots, the dashed lines and the numbers. Anything that is drawn on the template piece should be transferred to the cardboard.








Cut out the pieces


Now cut those pieces out.








Glue onto craft foam

Glue the pieces to craft foam.








Spray adhesive

I used a spray adhesive. But you can use other types of glue or adhesive. Just be sure to test it first by gluing a scrap piece of foam to a piece of cereal box cardboard. You wan to make sure it doesn't melt the foam or crinkle and come undone.


NextContinue with the tutorial





Watch the video tutorial here

Materials and Tools:

Acco Plated Brass Fasteners, 100 Count, (A7071703B)




Foam Sheet 9"X12" 2mm-Black 10 per pack





Xacto X3311 N0. 1 Precision Knife With 5 No. 11 Blades







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