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How to Make Deadpool's Katanas and Harness

The Deadpool katanas are a fun project to make. And in this tutorial I show you how and I give you the template to make it very easy. This also includes the harness so you can carry them on your back just like Deadpool does.

The Template for this project is here

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Deadpool katanas and harness


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Mini katanas


I thought the dragonslayer would want to have some katanas so I made a set for him. And I included it in the template so you can make a miniature set of deadpool katanas.




Tools and Materials

  • 3 Sheets of foam board or several large sheets of cardboard (20"x30" and 5mm thick) (Elmer's Foam Board)
  • Hot Glue gun or some kind of glue
  • Silver and black paint
  • 4 foot length of material for the strap, you can alternately use rope or string. I used thin leather
  • The Template (right here)

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Let's Get Started!

Print up the template

Print up the template. The first thing we are going to do is make the katanas. Everything for them is on this first page.

Cut out these five pieces.





Tape the pieces together

And tape pieces one through four together to form the sword.






Trace onto foamboard

Place that template diagonally onto foamboard and trace around it. Do this twice for one Katana.






The pieces

And also trace the tsuba (guard) doing it twice.

These four pieces make up one complete katana.





Trace again

Repeat this whole tracing process on a second sheet of foamboard so you can make your second katana.

NextOkay! Continue with the tutorial







POP Marvel: Deadpool Vinyl Bobble-head Figure




Elmer's 900802 Foam Board, White Surface with White Core, 20 x30 (Pack of 10)





Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun, Black

This is the exact glue gun I use for this project. It is a high quality professional type. Amazon does have more economical ones right here: Hot Glue Guns on Amazon.com






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