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How to Make Foam Armor Shoulders, Biceps and Elbows (Pauldrons, Rerebraces and Couters)


Over time I have been doing tutorials on how to make foam armor. My intention is to do a full suit of armor. Up until this point I have how to make the gauntlets (hands) and how to make the vambraces (forearms). Now, in this tutorial We finish off the arms by making the Shoulder, bicep and elbow. That completes the arms.

Now you can have knight's armor using foam and cereal box.

This is one of a series of craft foam armor projects I have where I make a complete suit of armor. You can see all those projects here.

Of course I give you the template which makes it very easy for you to make. The template is right here: Foam armor shoulder, bicep and elbow template

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This is what we make in this project. The traditional name for these pieces is the Pauldron, the Rerebrace and the Couter, more commonly known as the shoulder, the bicep and the elbow.

The completed armor piece


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What you need to do this project:

  • Three sheets of craft foam about 12x18 inches each sheet, any thickness is ok (The three sheets is to make one arm, If you want to make both arms then you will need six sheets.
  • Several cereal boxes or a large piece of poster board
  • Some kind of glue or adhesive. I used spray on adhesive
  • The Template (Right here)
  • Hot glue gun, optional but nice, to make designs and faux rivets
  • Masking Tape
  • Silver spray paint, Brush on paint works too
  • About a foot of some kind of wire, almost any kind of wire will be ok, paper clips will work very well
  • Some strips of velcro. about a foot of it will suffice ( I got some cheap in the dollar store)

Note from Will: The Template and the tutorial are both absolutely free! But would you consider a donation of $1 to support my work? Paypal makes it very easy and safe. Click here to donate $1 - Every little bit helps Will to keep making great tutorials and templates. Thanks!


Craft foam

About the Foam: This is the exact package I ordered on amazon and use in this tutorial. Foam Sheets 12"X18" 12/Pkg-Basic Colors





Will's Tips on Creativity Are you interested in the creative process and how a project like this comes about? I have a little bit about developing this project right here.

The Foam Armor Shoulders and Arms


About this armor

Foam and cardboard

I wanted armor that was easy to make and still pretty durable. And we achieve these goals by making a double stack. It has two layers. The first layer is cereal box cardboard for strength and rigidity. And the second layer is foam which gives us flexibility, more strength and a good look.

This picture shows one of the armor pieces glued to a sheet of foam. It makes a nice durable stack which is great for armor.



The four pieces

In this tutorial we make four pieces. 1 the shoulder or pauldron, 2 the under leaf for the shoulder, 3 the bicep or rerebrace, and 4 the elbow or couter. And we assemble them together in a way so you have freedom of motion.






On the next page we start making the armor but first let's take one quick look at the other armor projects. To date I have also done the Gauntlets and the Vambraces (Hands and forearms). You can check out those tutorials right here:


GauntletMake Gauntlets out of Craft Foam

Yup! that is craft foam and these gauntlets look terrific. I show you how to make them and I also give you the template which makes it so easy. Print up the template, cut out the pieces and then trace onto craft foam. I have a video tutorial too. Make Gauntlets out of craft foam


VambraceMake Craft Foam Armor Vambraces (Forearms)

Craft foam is some terrific stuff. You can heat it up and shape it into armor. I show you how in this tutorial and I give you the template to make vambraces. Make Craft foam vambraces


NextOkay! Enough of the Blah Blah Let's Get Started and actually make it!!!


The video tutorial is here:



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