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Make the DragonAge Inquisition Helmet


This is a tutorial on how to make the Helmet from DragonAge Inquisition. Fun project and we do it without paper mache. It is cardboard and cereal boxes! It comes out great and it is strong.

The template is ready and right here

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DragonAge Inquisition Helmet



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Materials and tools for this project:

  • Masking Tape
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Cereal Box Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint, Suggested: Black, Silver, Red, Brown, Gold


Two strips of cardboard

Cut two strips of corrugated cardboard that are two inches wide. And cross them like this. Tape them together. This point where they cross will go at your forehead.


Trim the pieces

Trim those excess parts so it looks like this.


Themajor band

This is the major band of the helmet. Place it on your head like this with the V at the center of your forehead. And wrap it around. Leave a couple of inches of free space so it will fit easily over your head then tape it together so it is a ring.


Add the top strips

Now cut two strips of cardboard that are one inch wide. And tape them to that ring you made just like this. One goes from the front to the back. And the other goes from side to side. This becomes the bowl of the helmet. Try it on your head before finishing the taping of it. Make it so it is comfortable on your head.


Shape the helmet

Now shape the helmet a little bit. we want it to have a bit of a swept toward the back look just like you see in the picture here.


Fill in the helmet

Now let's fill in the helmet skin. We do it with a series of cereal box cardboard pieces like this. Cut a bunch of strips that are one inch wide.


Glue down strips

Glue down a series of strips like this. Form a square and this is the first layer.


More strips

Now glue down a second set of four strips. These strips are of course longer. And glue them so they overlap a little bit onto the first set of strips.


More strips

Continue laying down strips, overlapping each layer. Until the whole helmet is covered.


Tape it

Now cover the helmet with masking tape. Looks great!

NextLet's continue with the tutorial

Watch the Video Tutorial:



Dragon Age Inquisition - PlayStation 4



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