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Make an Immortals Mask from the movie 300


I have done a whole lot of Spartan gear from the movie 300. But I have never done any of the bad guy stuff! Well, I get requests for the Immortals Mask all the time so I went ahead and done it! Fun project and really quite easy to do. I even give you the template which makes it much easier.

The template is right here.

I also have a video tutorial on this project. It is at the bottom of this page.


The immortals mask  Wearing the Mask


A web visitor made the mask

Can you make this immortals mask? You sure can! Here is one made by Sean. It came out great and my thanks go to him for sending in a pic!!


Glue the template to cardboard

Print and cut out the template. This will help guide you to build your mold for the mask. Tape it onto some cardboard and cut out.

Glue stick works really well for gluing it down to cereal box cardboard.


Cut it out


Prepare the base

Then tape it onto another piece of cardboard and stuff some paper under it to give it some curve.


Secure the mask with a curve


Build up the facial features

Now we add some bulk. The cheekbones, nose, eyebrows, and chin. The main bulky details. Just wad up pieces of paper, piece by piece and tape it down really good.


Here is the completed taping. Particularly notice the nostrils.

The features are done


NextOk, Lets continue with this tutorial



300 The Movie Immortal Vacuform Mask with Fabric Hood




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