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Make the Iron Shield from Skyrim - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we continue making the metal part of the shield.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here.



Cut the shield out

Ok, now you can go ahead and cut the circle out of the sheet of foam. And if you need to get that edge smooth you can touch it up on the belt sander.

Bevel around the edge

Now you can bevel around the edge of the shield. But not the whole edge of the shield. Just the sections where the legs are not.


where to bevel

This picture shows you what areas to bevel. The orange arrow sections. You don't bevel the leg sections. Although, we will bevel those areas later.


Put the template back on

When we beveled it the drawn lines were rasped away and we need those lines as a guide for cutting out. So, put the template back on and re-draw those lines.


Re-mark the lines

These are the lines that you redraw.


Cut out the four quadrants

Now cut out the four quadrants of the shield. In this picture I have cut out the first quadrant. Do the same thing for all four quadrants of the shield. Go slow and easy. That thin part at the very out side of the shield is now a bit fragile and easy to break. If you break it you can glue it back together. But test the glue first because some glues will melt foam.


Now bevel the legs

Once you have those four quadrants cut out you can go ahead and bevel the four leg sections to give them a nice look.

Cut out the triangles

Next cut out the little triangle sections.


Re-mark the pockets

When you did the rasping on the four legs these four pocket sections disappeared. So, go ahead and redraw those in. Use the picture of the shield to see what they look like.



Cut the pockets only half deep

You can simply cut those pockets out with a knife. But, if you want a more authentic look you can just cut them about half way deep, forming pockets of a sort. That is how the actual shield is.

I used a dremel tool to dig these out.


Next Ok, lets continue with the tutorial and make the backing board with handle!



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