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Make the Princess Zelda Sword


This is the twilight princess sword and it is an easy project to make. We give you the template which takes all the fuss out of making it. You don't have to worry about getting the shape and size right. The template does that for you.

The template for this project is right here. You can download and print it (5 pages).

I also have a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.



The completed sword

The completed zelda princess sword


Overview of the project

You print up the template and cut out the pieces. Then you trace the pieces onto foamboard, cut them out and assemble the sword pieces together. After that you seal and paint it.

Cut and assemble the template pieces

The template itself has six individual pieces. Three of them make up the bulk of the sword. Cut those pieces out (1,2 and 3) and tape them together. Trace that onto foamboard twice. There are also three accessory pieces, a pommel, a ricasso and a guard piece. Cut those out and make two of each of them.


Use a template

Optionally you can use the template and tracing paper. You put the tracing paper on the template pieces and trace it. Then you lay that template on your foamboard and trace again, pressing down to leave the lines of the sword on your foamboard.

This technique of using tracing paper really works well for the details on the handle, ricasso and pommel of the sword. This is the recommended way to do it for those pieces. Because it makes it very easy to transfer those designs and patterns onto your foamboard.


Cut out the pieces

Print up the template and cut out the pieces. Place those pieces on foamboard and trace them.

You end up with two large sword pieces and six smaller ancillary pieces.


Ancillary pieces on foam

If you have some kind of a craft foam like this then trace those six ancillary pieces onto the foam. It makes for a nicer and fuller sword. If you don't have any foam then you can do these pieces on foam board.


Glue sword pieces together

Glue the two main sword pieces together. One right on top of the other.


Sand paper it

Now use a piece of medium grit sand paper to smooth it out a bit. Particularly the rough edges that occur from the cutting. Go easy and gentle with this. It is easy to bend the sword like this.


The ancillary pieces

Here are the six ancillary pieces. Let's work on these. Your's will either be foam or foam board.

Sand ancillary pieces

Whether your pieces are foam or foam board you should still sand them down a bit to smooth and or flatten them.

Trace onto the foam

Now use your tracing paper and trace the pattern onto your ancillary pieces.

Deepen the patterns

Now, go over the patterns on all the pieces to beef them up and define them for painting.


The patterns on ancillary pieces

Okay! The patterns are done and they look great!

NextLet's continue and finish off this sword

Or watch the video below




Make the Zelda Sword -Ocarina of TimeFun project that you can make with just a single sheet of foam board. Or you can use cardboard. I have a complete template that you can download, print up and put together. Make the Zelda Sword



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