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Make the Kylo Ren Crossguard LightSaber

The New LightSaber has a wonderful medieval feel to it. The crossguard makes it more like a traditional sword. This is an easy project to make and you don't need a lot of supplies. I give you two different templates so you can make the regular sized sword or the larger sword.

I also have a video tutorial for this project at the bottom of the page.

I have a youtube channel with over 700 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here




The Crossguard Light Saber


Materials and tools

Note from Will: The Template and this tutorial is absolutely free! But would you consider a donation of $1 to support my work? Paypal makes it very easy and safe. Click here to donate $1 - Every little bit helps Will to keep making great tutorials and templates. Thanks!


Note: This tutorial follows the exact process for making the normal size lightsaber. There is a little bit of variation for the large size saber. The template for the large lightsaber are explained in the template for it.

Cut out template

Print up the template and cut out the pieces. Don't tape them together yet.








Don't cut internal details

The handle has details on it. You don't cut them out . You simply cut around it. You can use a sharp knife on some of the edges that are small.








Place handle piece and trace in opposite corners

Put that handle piece on your sheet of foamboard and trace it. Trace it twice -in opposite corners of your foamboard. We trace them in the corners so we have room on the foamboard for the sword blade piece.




Now tape the six pieces of the template together like this. Make sure the handle and blade form a nice straight line. You can see I have the blade a little tilted compared to the handle. I need to straighten it before I tape it.

The assembled template


Now place that template on your foam board diagonally and trace it. And we need two of these so grab your second sheet of foamboard and trace it again.

Place template on foamboard  Get it corner to corner


The various pieces

Now cut all those parts out. You end up with four like you see in the picture here.

Ok. We have made the parts. Let's put this sword together.

Nextcontinue with the tutorial




Watch the Video tutorial here:


Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Forest Mission Kylo Ren

Enter the world of Star Wars and launch into action and adventure! A dark warrior strong with the Force, Kylo Ren commands First Order missions with a temper as fiery as his unconventional lightsaber.



Elmer's 900802 Foam Board, White Surface with White Core, 20 x30 (Pack of 10)





Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun, Black

This is the exact glue gun I use for this project. It is a high quality professional type. Amazon does have more economical ones right here: Hot Glue Guns on Amazon.com



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