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Make the Sword called Dragontooth - Continued


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the sword by doing some of the detail work then painting it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Cut the scale shapes

Draw out the dragonscales on the sword. I give you a template that you can trace if you need it. Then cut all those lines with a sharp knife.








Shape the scales

Then pluck those scales with a tool. You push down the bases of the scale and pull up a little bit on the ends of them. This gives it a wonderful dragonscale look.







Now let's start the painting. You paint the blade silver. But not the scaled section. Leave that alone for now. And one thing I want you to look at in this picture is how the scales look. This shows you how to cut and pluck at them to make them look like dragon scales.
Paint the blade silver


add glitter

Now, Dragontooth does glint and glitter so sprinkle some silver glitter on that blade if you have it. And do it in stages. Paint a part of the blade and sprinkle glitter, paint more of the blade, sprinkle glitter etc. We do it in steps like this so the paint is still wet and the glitter adheres.






Painting the scales

Now just about everything else on the sword is painted green. But here is a nice little technique to get those scales looking good. Put a dab of dark green or blue at the root of each scale.







detail the scales

Now paint the rest of each scale with a light green and when you are doing it pull out some of that darker color with the brush.








Paint handle green

Paint the handle, guard and pommel a nice dark green. You can paint dragon scales on that handle too using a yellow paint. It is not shown in this picture but the next picture shows it nicely.





That's it! Your sword is done. You are now ready to slay dragons!

The completed sword





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