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Ryan's Dungeon Tiles

Can you make dungeon tiles and terrain that looks as good as mine? You sure can! And here is the proof. Ryan used my tutorial to make his own dungeon tiles. Here are some pictures showing the results.

It is absolutely fantastic and my thanks go to Ryan for sending in the pictures.

Here is the tutorial on how to make this: How to make dungeon tiles

And Ryan tells us that he is having a whole lot of fun with this. There is a lot of potential to do all kinds of shapes and sizes. He is going to make a whole lot more!! Here is what he says:

" I'm going to start making various hallway shapes (like straight hallways, corners, T-junctions, ect.) so they fit together in numerous ways and use them for any situation. There are just so many possibilities with the foam."


Dungeon tiles


Dungeon Tiles


Dungeon Tiles


Dungeon tiles



TowerFreestanding Tower

  • Miniature terrain made for 25/28 mm miniatures in REAL SCALE!!
  • Exclusive, individually crafted storage case for safe keeping and transportation - free with all orders
  • Prepainted in solid resin
  • Universal - suits any gaming system out there
  • Four playable floors with a total of 84 tiles!


Brick wallsPaintable Brick Walls

This item is for 4 brick wall pieces 2 big brick walls and 2 small brick walls. These brick walls were made using a 3D printer with white plastic. If you are looking to paint the brick walls, you can apply a primer that will stick. If you have any questions, feel free to message me! Dimensions for the big brick walls 110x75x40(mm) Dimensions for the small brick walls 90x65x20(mm)



Miniature wall

Greystone Walls 28mm Miniature Terrain

JRM6116 Greystone Walls 28mm Miniature Terrain by JR Miniatures. Miniatures terrain are supplied unpainted unless otherwise noted. Greystone Walls (8pc) 4 long stone wall and 4 short stone walls. miniatures not included.



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