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Shoot Smaug - The Game


This is a tutorial on how to make the game "Shoot Smaug". I have two versions of this game. In this tutorial I show you how to put together the easier game. It is where smaug sits on his pile of gold and you shoot him. If you get him the arkenstone falls out of the treasure chest. LOL! Does it get more fun than that?

Take turns with a friend to see who can get Smaug first.

The templates are right here:

The template for version 1 of the game is here

The template for version 2 of the game is here

I also have a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.

Will has a youtube channel with over 700 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here

This Shoot Smaug game goes hand in hand with my tutorial on how to make the Dwarven Windlance like you see in the movie. All you need to make that project is a sheet of foamboard, glue and some rubber bands:

Make the Smaug Catapult from the Hobbit Movie

Fun little foam board project that shoots very powerfully! You don't need a lot of supplies for this and I give you the template. Print it and put it together. Make the Smaug Catapult





Version 2 of this game with the swinging pendulum is right here.








Print up the template and cut out just the colored pieces. They are smaug, the gold pile, two arkenstones and the treasure chest. Note about the gold pile: Cut out that whole large full sheet size. Don't cut out just the half page with the gold. There is a dotted line on that piece. We will cut on that line later.




Okay! All the colored pieces are cut out. Notice that the piece with the gold pile is not cut on the dashed line yet.






Now place all the pieces, including the colored pieces, on foam board and trace out all the lines. Press down firmly. We are transferring the shapes to foam board by creating an indent.






Now you can remove the sheets and piecesd and see all the indented lines. Draw them out.








There you go! The pieces are traced. There are eleven pieces.








The pieces are cut out.








Glue together the three pieces of the base. In the template these pieces are labeled side 1, side 2 and base.








Take the piece marked as Top and cut along the dashed line. Only cut through the top layer of paper. Don't actually cut the piece in half!








Fold that top piece and glue it right onto the base assembly you made.








Continue with the tutorial


Watch the video tutorial here




Make a Viking Sword and Helmet

This is an easy project that you can make. And you only need a few supplies. I even give you the template for the sword. How to Make a Viking Sword and Helmet

Make Deadpool's Katanas and the Holster

You can have swords, and wear them, just like Deadpool does. And for fun I also give you the template so you can make a miniature set like I made for the dragonslayer. Make Deadpool's Katana and holster


Make the Kirkhammer from Bloodborne

This is a big hammer and it really works like the trick hammer. We also make the sword that goes in and out of the handle. Make the Kirkhammer


Spartan Sword

Make a Spartan 300 Warrior Sword out of cardboard This is a tutorial with video that shows you how to make a nice looking Spartan sword out of cardboard. It is very strong and easy to make. Should take you less than 2 hours depending on the glue drying time. How to Make a Spartan Sword


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