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Make the Skyrim Iron Helmet - Part 2


This is part 2 of the tutorial on how to make the paper mache Skyrim Iron Helmet. If you came directly to this page you can go to part 1 right here


The horn of the helmet

Now we need to make the horns for the helmet. We will atttach them to the cardboard band on the helmet then paper mache over everything.

This picture shows a completed horn. Make two of these and they are opposites so watch for that.


Making the horns

Crumple some newspaper in a roll to make the horn shape. Give it some twisting. And wrap it with wraps of masking tape. You can see how the form is starting to take shape. You can add more newspaper and keep working it to get the horn shape.


Glue on cardboard

Wrap a two inch wide strip of cardboard around the end of the horn. This is the collar that attaches the horn to the helmet.


Add duct tape

This picture shows the cardboard collar on the horn. It is taped and glued in place so it is strong. You can also see that I used a pair of scissors to cut it at an angle. This way it attaches to the helmet right.


Glue the horns on

Now glue those two horns to the cardboard on the helmet. Glue it nice and strong. You don't want the horn to break off right in the middle of a battle with a dragon.


Now mix up another batch of paper mache and coat the whole thing including the horns. This time make a thinner batch of paper mache. Use two cups of flour and three cups of water. This will give a more polished look, more like metal.

And while you are applying the paper mache pay special attention to the bands of cardboard. Accentuate them. It will look good in the final product.


the completed iron helmet

Ok, once the paper mache has dried you can paint it. Here are some tips on how I painted it.

First I painted the whole helmet (not the horns) black and brown. Not mixed black and brown, but streaked so some is black and some is brown. Then I used silver or white to accentuate the different strips of metal. Finally I dry brush dabbed red on all over the helmet to give it a rusty look.

Finally on the helmet I dabbed on silver dots to form the rivets.

The horns are just a yellowish color mixed with some white to make it streaky. And I put black bands on the horns.



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