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The Electric mace


This is the electric mace project.

It is a quirky project that combines the old and the new. It is a mace just like something a knight might wield. But it also has a motor in it. Hmm....

And I have a video on this project at the bottom of the page.

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The electric mace


About this project.

I am not sure how the idea came to me. It might have percolated up from two earlier projects. The first was the mace project that I did and the second was the auto-sword project. Well, I thought it would be fun to do more automated weapons so I combined those two and came up with the auto mace (this project).

The orignal mace head

And there was quite a challenge when it came to figuring out the mechanical aspect of this project.

The configuration I went with is the second one that I made. I originally made a different mechanical set up that you can see in the picture here.

This one had spikes that go in and out. But it wasn't very reliable and difficult to set up. So I ended up trying a different mechanism.


I used the same 3 volt motor that I used in the Auto Sword.

Gearbox High Efficiency Kit

Tamiya 72005 6-Spd Gearbox High Efficiency Kit

This is the exact little gear box motor that I purchase for this project. You build the gearbox and arrange the gears depending on the speed you want it to spin at. At the slower speeds you get more torque.


The head of the mace

Here is a closer look at the head of the mace.

The motor is at the bottom and it pushes the four spikes in and out of the head of the mace.


Illustration of the mace and point mechanism

Here is how the mechanism works.


The motor, linkage and spikes

This picture shows how it is made. I have opened it up so we can see two of the spikes. The orange line shows the push and pull wire. As the motor turns it pushes and pulls the spikes. They pivot on the pivot points which are light blue dots.


the motor mechanism

This picture shows the motor. As it turns it pushes the rods back and forth which pushes the spikes in and out.


The Video Tutorial is here:


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