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Lots more Projects :)

Here are lots more projects. If you are looking for something specific try the search engine on the left.


Storm The Castle Diorama (Besieged)

The Storm The Castle Diorama is coming along nicely and the besieged castle is taking shape. This is a massive eight foot diorama. Check it out and learn how to make something like this right here. I have been working on it for a year!



a Ship in a bottleMake a Ship in a bottle This is an overview tutorial showing you some of the important tips and tricks for making a ship in a bottle. Fun project- Make a ship in a bottle


Make a 1,000 Origami cranes I show you how to make an origami crane and I tell you about the ancient legend of making 1,000 of them. I also have a page where you can check on my progress toward making 1,000. Make an Origami Crane


Make Finn's Golden Sword

Finn's Golden Sword

Shmow-zow! Do you know what time it is? It's Adventure Time here and every day at! We had tons of fun making one of the many swords from Adventure Time this past week, and we're excited to share it with you. Finn's Golden Sword


Make Percy Jackson's Riptide

Fun foamboard project and I show you how to make it without or with LED's for light in the Trident! Make Percy Jackson's Riptide


Make an Ice Dagger Yup, This is a fun and quirky little project. The blade is real ice. Don't use it in the Sahara though. It won't last! Lol. Make an Ice Dagger



Make the Iron shield from Skyrim

Fun project with just a few basic supplies like a sheet of foam and a sheet of cardboard. I give you the template which makes it very easy for you to make. Make the Iron Shield from Skyrim.




Make a Crown

This is a wonderful paper mache project where you make an iconic crown inspired by childrens favorites like The Little Prince and Where the Wild Things Are. How to Make a Golden Crown



India - The Paper Game

This game is a bit different and a whole lot of fun. Instead of rolling dice we use the centuries old technique of flicking a chip just like the game of Carrom that they play in India. Fun adventure where you have to collect the ancient dagger and deliver it to the Taj Mahal. Print and play "India" here


Make a DragonBone Sword Necklace

Fun Polymer Clay Project and a nice gift for the upcoming Valentine's Day. Of course I give you the template.

Make a DragonBone Sword Necklace



Make a Metal Earth Taj Mahal

Here is a wonderful little kit that you build. It is made out of metal parts and it is the Taj Mahal. We added a diorama scene to it and copied a picture of Will visiting the Taj. Learn how to make this kit right here: Make a Metal Earth Taj Mahal


Make the Game: Shoot Smaug!

I give you this game in a template. Print it and put it together. Smaug sits on his gold pile. You shoot him and the Arkenstone comes out of the treasure chest. Shoot Smaug the Game


Zar'roc Make the sword Zar'roc from Eragon

Fun little project. You only need one sheet of foamboard. And we make the jewel in the hilt by casting resin into an egg. Yup, no rubber mold is needed. Make the sword Zar'roc from Eragon


a RondelForge a Rondel from a Railroad Spike (Blacksmithing)

A rondel is a medieval sticking weapon that was used in the middle ages. Interesting little project and easy to make from a railroad spike. How to forge a medieval Rondel.


a Game of Thrones Snowglobe Make a Game of Thrones Snowglobe

what better way to say Winter is Coming than with a snowglobe! Fun little project that needs just a few basic supplies. We make the Weirwood tree in our snowglobe. Make a Game of Thrones SnowGlobe



the Infinity Blade

Make the Infinity Blade

Fun and easy sword to make. Three sheets of foamboard, paint and glue is all you need. And I give you the template. Make the Infinity Blade


I HAVE LOTS MORE PROJECTS - Just Click here and continue on to check them out!








DragonSlayer 7 SanctumDragonSlayer 7 Sanctum

This is a stop motion animation that completes the story of the dragonslaye r. Watch the animation and learn how I built the sets here: DragonSlayer 7 Sanctum



Medieval Letter Opener New: Forge a Medieval Letter Opener

It is an easy project and we learn six different blacksmithing techniques while doing it. Want to learn what a blacksmith does? This is a good place to learn it. Forge a Medieval Letter Opener


A-10 Warthog Plastic Model Make the A-10 Warthog Plastic Model

This is a 1:48 Scale Revell model. It is a good size with some weight and detail. I take you through the steps to making this model and I have a video to go with it. Make the A-10 Warthog



How to make stilts

Here is a fun project that you can make in an hour. And it cost 13 dollars for all the parts. You can adjust them to any height. Stilts are fun but they do take some practice!

How to Make stilts


Stained Glass Dagger

How to Make a Stained Glass Dagger

This is a quirky and fun project you can make and it teaches you some of the fundamentals of making stained glass. How to make a stained glass dagger


the Steel Dagger from Skyrim

Make the Steel Dagger from Skyrim

This is an easy skyrim project that turns out looking great. I give you the template which makes it easy.

Make the Steel Dagger from Skyrim


Make Fili's Warhammer

This is a wonderful foam project. I show you how to make it step by step and I give you the template. It is also very durable so you can carry it around and fight trolls with it even. Make Fili's Warhammer

Make Tauriel's Fighting Knives

This is a fast and easy project that looks great. We make a pair of fighting knives so you can dual wield. I give you the template of course! Make Tauriel's Fighting Knives

Make Kili's Sword

This is a great looking sword. I also show you some painting techniques to make it look real and aged. And of course I give you the template! Make Kili's Sword from the Hobbit.

Make the Smaug Catapult from the Hobbit Movie

Fun little foam board project that shoots very powerfully! You don't need a lot of supplies for this and I give you the template. Print it and put it together. Make the Smaug Catapult


Bonsai Potato Bonsai Potato !

This is a hilarious and fun little kit that promises enlightment in just ten minutes a day! Loved it. The little book is an absolute hoot. Of course this isn't real bonsai but why not have some fun.

Check out my experiment with this kit: Bonsai Potato! ( Hey and while you are there, check out my bonsai section of the website!)



Majora's MaskMake Majora's Mask from Legend of Zelda

Fun mask project from the video game. Unique mask, wonderfully colorful and easy to make with paper mache. Of course I give you the template! Make Majora's Mask



foamboard KarambitMake a foamboard Karambit

Fun, fast and easy project. I give you the template. This is a very unique knife. How to make a foam board Karambit


Rubber Stamps

How to Make Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps and block print making is an absolutely wonderful craft. I love it! I show you how to do it. How to Make Rubber Stamps



Elven ShieldMake the Elven Shield from Lord of the Rings

This is an easy to make project. The shield itself is just one sheet of foamboard. And I show you a neat technique for curving it!

Make the Elven Shield from Lord of the Rings


the Predator Wrist Blades Make the Predator Wrist Blades !

With just foamboard, rubber bands and toothpicks I show you how to make the wrist blades and they really work. Of course I give you the template. Fun project. Make the predator wrist blades


Latex Predator MaskLike the Predator? I have a tutorial on how to make a latex rubber predator mask! Submitted by a web visitor. Make a Latex Predator Mask









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