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Halloween Projects (Video on my Youtube channel)

In this video on my youtube channel I have 24 project ideas. Check it out here


Halloween Project Day 2 - Plague Mask

It was a real thing in the middle ages during the plague. They wore these masks! You can make one with a few simple materials. Make a Medieval Plague Mask

Halloween Project Day 3 Treat Bag Diorama

Fun and creative project. How about putting a diorama inside your trick or treat bag. You have never seen this idea! Tutorial right here.

I also have a web based tutorial for this trick or treat bag diorama right here.

Halloween Project Day 4 - Skeleton Marionette

This is a fun marionette project with something extra. The head pops off and falls to the ground. Then it bends over and picks it up to put it back! LOL. Fun. I also have a video. Make a skeleton Marionette

Halloween Project Day 5 - Axe to the Back

This is a tutorial where you can make a great looking medieval axe. And that is good for a prop weapon. And I even show you how to modify it so it is sticking out your back! Make a medieval axe to the back

Halloween Project Day 6 - Cleaver to the head

This is two tutorials in one. I show you how to make a cleaver to the head and a Chef's knife to the head. Real simple project that looks great. Make a Cleaver to the head


Halloween Project Day 7 - Eyeball Projects!

I have five different projects using eyeballs! Yuck! And I also show you how to make great looking eyeballs with ping pong balls. Right Here: Eyeball Projects


Halloween Project Grand Finale - The Tell Tale Heart!

The tell tale heart is a creepy project. You carry a box and inside the box is a heart that beats. Yikes! I show you how to do it step by step. The Tell-Tale Heart



Storm The Castle Diorama Part 7Storm The Castle Diorama Part 7: Water Effects, Make the Moat

The next installment of the massive castle siege diorama is done. In this part we add the moat around the castle. Storm The Castle Diorama Part 7


make Ink How to make Ink

I have done tutorials on how to make paper and how to make a feather writing quill. Now I finish off that series with a tutorial on how to make ink. And it is real easy to do! You probably have everything you need right in the kitchen. How to make Ink



Make a Damascus Steel knife out of paper

a Damascus Steel knife out of paper

Damascus steel is the commonly used name for pattern welded steel. It has beautiful lines and patterns in it. In this tutorial I show you how to make a knife in this style using layers of paper.

Make a Damascus Steel paper knife



Paper MakingPaper Making Part 2 - Some techniques for nicer paper

In this part we get a little bit more in depth and I show you some things like adding cotton to the paper, dipping it and even forming the paper into shapes.

Intermediate, yet still easy, paper making


How to Make Gandalf's Pipe

Gandalf's Pipe

This is an easy Polymer clay project. It doesn't really work as a pipe but it is a nice prop with an elven leaf stand. How to Make a Wizard's Pipe like Gandalf's.


a simple diorama

Make a simple diorama

This is a great project for kids. You need a small box, glue stick, scissors and a magazine. That's it. I show you how to make a simple diorama.



the Blade of MercyMake the Blade of Mercy from Bloodborne

An easy project and a trick weapon. You can use them as separate blades or snap them together and use as a single blade. Make the Blade of Mercy


the ebony dagger Make the ebony dagger from Skyrim

This is an easy project and I give you the template. If you are a skyrim fan this project is a great prop to make. Make the Skyrim Ebony Dagger



Make a Star Wars Crossguard LightSaber

Star Wars Crossguard LightSaber

The new lightsaber is quite a bit different than the usual ones. I like this one a lot. It has a crossguard which makes it much like a medieval sword. I give you templates to make two different sizes. Make the CrossGuard LightSaber



Make an EVA foam dagger

EVA foam is a thick foam that is terrific for cosplay armor and LARP weapons. Want to get started working with it? This tutorial is perfect. The dagger is strong yet safe. Make an EVA foam dagger.



Will Takes a trip to the Grand Canyon and Arizona

The Grand Canyon is one of the Natural Wonders of the world. And it is something that many people want to see at least once in their life. Same goes for me. It is something on my bucket list and it was wonderful to see it/cross it off my bucket list. But something else happened on my trip to the Canyon. I came to the realization that Arizona is quite amazing, with a whole lot more to offer. Check out more here


Fidget spinner

Make a Fidget Spinner

They are all the rage right now. And they are very easy to make. Pick up a part at a hardware store and make one. I show you how to make one from a variety of different parts and I make an enormous one that actually works. Make a Fidget Spinner


Easy Diorama Water

Easy waterfalls and diorama water with Elmer's Clear glue gels

In this tutorial I make Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth. But the real thing about this is the various water effects you can make with the new Elmer's Clear Glue Gels. We make a Waterfall, brook, fountain and pond. Easy Water effects Diorama


Parts of a castle wall

The Parts of a castle wall

Castle walls developed over the course of 500 years between the 12th and 17th centuries. It is a fascinating development. You will be surprised by what they really are about. They are not just walls! Learn about Castle Walls right here. I also made a neat little model for this tutorial.


Painting the new walls

Storm The Castle Diorama Part 10: Rebuilding the walls

I rebuilt a lot of the walls on the big diorama project. In this tutorial I show you how to do it and I show you some nice painting techniques for achieving the stone wall look. Storm The Castle Diorama Part 10


The Electric Mace

The Electric Mace

This is another fun automatic weapon project. With this one the head of the mace has spikes that go in and out. Good thing that knights from the past didn't have double A batteries :) Learn more about The Electric Mace


The Lazy Mans sword

The Lazy Man's Sword!

With this sword you can eat a sandwich and battle a dragon at the same time. Yup! No more Arm fatigue when you wield this sword! Check it out here: The Lazy Man's Sword


beehiveNew: Setting up the beehive - How to install a bee package

Three pounds of bees is around 10,000 bees. How do you get them, and the queen, into the hive? You pour them! Check it out here: How to install a bee package into a hive.


a Nebula in a bottleMake a Nebula in a bottle

A nebula is a beautiful object in the night sky. And you can have one on your bureau or desk. I show you how to make one with a few around the house items. Make a nebula in a bottle


DragonSlayer 9

DragonSlayer 9

The Triple barrel Rocket Pistol. Watch the video on my youtube channel here.


a Wizard's Table Make a Wizard's Table

This table is fully functional and made out of XPS foam. The top surface is wood so it can be used as a proper table! Part of the Wizard's Lair Project. Make a Wizard's Table



Foam Armor shouldersHow to Make Foam Armor shoulders and arms

Fun and easy armor making tutorial using craft foam and cereal box cardboard. I give you the template which makes it easy. Make Foam Armor Shoulders and Arms.



DragonAge Inquistion HelmetMake the DragonAge Inquistion Helmet

Fun project that looks great and uses no paper mache. Yes, we use masking tape and cereal box cardboard. If you are a fan of the dragonage video games you should check this out. Make the DragonAge Inquisition Helmet




My latest youtube video

This is a video on a creativity technique I call Conflation. This link takes you directly to the video on my youtube channel: Creativity, Conflation, and a Contest Giveaway


Tatebanko Wizard's Sanctum

Make a Tatebanko Wizard's Sanctum (paper diorama)

Tatebanko is the Japanese art of paper dioramas and it is quite wonderful. I have the packet all set for you. Download it, print it and put this paper diorama together. Make a Tatebanko Wizard's Sanctum



Medieval Art and Drawing Box Make a Medieval Art and Drawing Box

A way to organize and keep your drawing and art supplies. And under the lid we make a nice drawing surface so you can take it with you and have a place to draw and do art. Make a Medieval Art and drawing box.


faux bookshelf books Make faux bookshelf books

fun and easy foam project on how to make bookshelf books quickly. Make Faux Books



How to make a Sword Sheath out of foam

a Sword Sheath

Make a foam or cardboard weapon and want a good looking sheath (scabbard) to go with it? This is a great looking sheath and you just need a few supplies. How to make a sword sheath

a Feather Quill penMake a Feather Quill pen

You can easily make one of those old fashioned writing instruments out of a feather. I show you how. You just need a turkey feather. This is a great companion project to my paper making stuff. Make a feather quill pen.


Make the Skyrim Orcish Dagger

Skyrim Orcish Dagger

The orcish dagger is a fun and easy project that comes out great. I use some different techniques than usual. No foam board in this one! Of course I give you the template and show you some great painting techniques to make it look real. Make the Skyrim Orcish Dagger








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My Newest Projects:


Make the Killmonger Spear

Fun and easy foamboard project based on one of the spears in the blockbuster movie "Black Panther. Amazing how good this spear looks. And it is made from a single sheet of foamboard. Make the Killmonger spear


Make the Killmonger Sword

This is a video tutorial on my youtube channel. Never been to my youtube channel? You really should check it out. 900 videos! Lots and lots of projects. Start with the Killmonger sword tutorial video right here: Make the Killmonger sword.

Electrifying the Cardboard Phonograph

Making the cardboard phonograph was a fun project that uses a paper cone and a needle to play a record. I couldn't resist adding some electronics to it! Here is how I did it. Electrifying the Cardboard Phonograph


Make a "Flame Blade" Kris Dagger

This is an easy foam board or cardboard project. You can have this fancy looking dagger done in no time and with few materials. Either cardboard or foamboard work for this. And of course, I give you the template! Make a Kris Dagger


All about alcohol markers

Alcohol markers are bright and vibrant. They are becoming very popular and pretty handy in that you can blend them. I have some tips and information about them for you here. All About Alcohol Markers. (I am using them to color the paper MerryMead Castle)


How to land a Book Deal

If you frequent my website you know about my small telescope book. It was a lot of work and I am very proud of it. Are you an aspiring writer? Would you like to get a publishing deal? Here in this article I tell you how I did it. And I tell you how you can do it too! How to Get a book deal.


Will Makes a Guest appearance on the Dr. Sky radio show to talk about his new book on small telescopes. Learn more about the show and listen to it here.

Make a cardboard or foamboard Phonograph (Record Player)

It isn't high fidelity but it does work. And the secret is a sewing needle and a paper cone. that's it! No electronics or electricity. We make it with a hand crank. Fun project and a bit nostalgic. Make a Foamboard Phonograph


The Irish Spring Diorama in a box of soap

This is a clever little project where we make an Ireland scene inside a box of Irish Spring Soap. There is a lot of creative potential in this idea. You can have a lot of fun with all kinds of product boxes. In this one we make a good looking tree with brown paper and add a mushroom fairy ring. The Irish Spring Diorama in a box of soap


The Black Sword

This is a fun and easy project that explores the question of How black is black? You might be surprised to know that some blacks are blacker than others. See the project and learn more here: The Black Sword


Prank: Rattlesnake in a box

Easy project that you can make quickly. Another fun cardboard project to make. It shakes like a rattlesnake when you pick it up. Make a Rattlesnake in a box.


Make a Marble-tilt labyrinth game out of a cardboard box. A box and some creativity and you have a fun game. Make the labyrinth any way you like. I also have some clever labyrinth ideas for you. Make a Marble-tilt labyrinth game.


Mandalore mask

Make a Mandalore the Ultimate's Mask

This is an excellent EVA Foam tutorial showing you how to make a mask. You can use these techniques to make just about any mask. EVA Foam is terrific! This tutorial was shared with us by a web visitor. How to Make Mandalore the Ultimate's Mask.


Make a White Walker Bust

This isn't a complete tutorial. It is just an overview of the steps and materials. Submitted by a web visitor. She needed forged nail swords to add to the project. So I forged up a bunch of them for her. Excellent work here. Make a White Walker Bust


Make a LOTR helmet out of sheet metal

Terrific tutorial submitted to me by a web visitor. Sheet metal project. He shows us how to do it. Make a LOTR Helmet out of Sheet Metal.



Skill level 2 build with some interesting differences than my other builds. This one has something called Zimmerit which is a clay-like coating on parts of the exterior of the vehicle. And this one came with a real metal chassis which gives the model some weight and heft. 1:48 Scale Make a German FlakPanzer


BeehiveNew: How to Build,Stain and Seal a beehive

You can save money by purchasing the wooden parts and putting them together yourself. And it gives you control over the look and color of your hive. We do two hives and take you through the steps right here: How to Build, Stain and Seal a beehive.


Beehive ornamentsNew: Make Stained Glass Beehive Ornaments

This is a fun little project. We make stained glass flowers shaped out of hexagons that look like honey comb. I show you how to do stained glass from start to finish. And we mount them on the beehives. How to make Stained Glass Beehive Ornaments


The creative process

A look at creativity as it happens - I video the process of thinking up an idea for a project. It starts with just a small kernel of an idea and grows from there. This is a video right here: A look at the Creative Process


3d printed miniaturesWorking with 3d Printed miniatures

3d printed minis have really come a long way. You can now buy them or have them easily printed up for you. I take a look at them, how to get them printed, how to paint them and much more in this tutorial, including lighting them up with an LED. Working with 3d printed miniatures (These are the minis that go in the dungeon project)


Wd printed dungeonNew: Make a Dungeon Diorama with 3d Printed Miniatures

I show you some great techniques for making a dungeon diorama which is also good for table top gaming. I also have some 3d printed minatures in this diorama. Make a Dungeon Diorama



Star Gazing Booklet

New Article:

Will's Guide to Star Gazing - Knowing a few simple things can make a tremendous difference in how much you enjoy an evening of star gazing. I give you tips and techniques on what to look for and how to get the most out of the night sky without a telescope.


Rapunzel Paper Diorama

Make a Rapunzel Paper Diorama (Tatebanko)

Here is an easy scene from the Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel that you can make. I give you everything in the template. You print it up and put it together. Make a Rapunzel Paper Diorama


Pirate Cutlass Make a Pirate Cutlass

T his is a fun sword project that also has a secret treasure chest compartment where you can store your pirate treasure. I give you the template which makes it very easy for you to make. Make a Pirate Cutlass


Rapier sword

Make a Rapier sword

A rapier was a dueling sword from the 15th to 17th centuries and it is a great looking sword because of the intricate handle guard work. I have a template for you and you can make it with one sheet of foamboard. How to Make a Rapier


PT Boat (PT-109) Make a Plastic Model PT Boat (PT-109)

Fun little project and easy to build. I take you through the steps of making this military torpedo boat. And the commander of this boat was John F. Kennedy. I tell you about the amazing story of this boat during WWII. Make PT-109


Lambent LightMake the Lambent Light from Sword Art Online (Asuna's Sword)

This is the third sword in my series of SAO swords and this one uses a new technique to make the circular guard.

Make the Lambent Light from Sword Art Online





Make a Flamberge

a Flamberge

Flamberge means "flame blade" and it is so named because of the wave of the blade. Fun and easy project that you can make in no time . Make a Flamberge


Make A Star Wars Light Dagger

A Star Wars Light Dagger

Yup! A light "Dagger". Easy to make and the light blade actually works. Just need a couple of rubber bands. I give you the template. You can be chaneling the force in no time! Make a Star Wars Light Dagger


Cheap Hobbies The Big List of Cheap Hobbies

Looking for a new hobby but don't have a whole lot of money to spend? I have put together a very big list of suggestions. Find a new hobby today. The Big List of Cheap Hobbies


Carve a Medieval bas-rea Medieval bas-relief lief

A bas relief is a flat sculpture that has some depth to it. I show you how to easily carve one in foam. I make a three panel triptych for a wizard's table. How to carve a medieval bas relief.



Shoebox Space Diorama Make a Shoebox Space Diorama

You can make a fun Space diorama where the astronaut is floating in space. I give you all the artwork. And you don't even need a shoebox. I show you how to make one out of cardboard or foamboard. Make a Shoebox Space Diorama


Xena's Chakrams

Make Xena's Chakrams

This is an easy foam board project that comes out great. I give you three different templates so you can make different styles. Make Xena's Chakrams



How to Make a Fantasy Map

a Fantasy Map

In the previous tutorial we made a big sheet of paper. Now, in this tutorial we turn it into a map of a fantasy world. I show you tips and techniques on how to do it and I also have a video. How to Make a big Fantasy Map


Big PaperHow to Make Big Paper!

Wouldn't it be great to make a very big sheet of paper? I made one for a fantasy map I am working on. I show you how to do it right here: Make a Big Sheet of home made paper


Kingdom The Paper Game

Kingdom The Paper Game

Fun little paper game that you can download, print up and play. The King has been assassinated. Are you smart enough to save the Kingdom? One of ten paper games that I have. Check it out here: Kingdom - The Paper Game


a plaster handHow to cast a plaster hand

You just need a few supplies and you can make a very realistic looking plaster cast of your hand.

How to cast a plaster hand



I HAVE LOTS MORE PROJECTS - Just Click here and continue on to check them out!