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The Strange dichotomy of writing

I have talked to so many people, and have received emails from scores more people who want to write a book.

And I have the same question for them every time. And I get the same puzzled look from them every time.


Here is the dichotomy I am talking about: We all learned to write in the first grade. It's a skill we have all possessed pretty much our whole life. So then, why is it so difficult to "write".

I have now completed seven books. And my eighth book is about 95% done (About 100k words). And I always get a very strange feeling when somebody tells me they want to write a book. Here is my response:

"Well then, write it."

Seems pretty simple to me. If you want to write a book you don't need anybody's permission. You just need a pencil and a notebook. Doesn't seem like that big of an obstacle.

I wrote my first novel (Fulcrum Shift) with a pen and several spiral bound notebooks. That's right. I wrote it all out longhand. And that is a challenge, particularly when it comes to rewriting.

But we all learned pretty much everything we need to know about writing during the first grade. So write.

Okay, maybe that is a bit harsh. Maybe not. I guess there are other things that come into play when it comes to a person expressing the sentiment of wanting to write a book or novel.

And my top guess is that they want to write something good - a good book.

My response there is still the same. Grab a pencil. Because you will never ever write a good book if you don't write. And you will have to write a lot. Because just like every other thing in this world you have to work at it. You need to practice it, hone it, refine it and think about it a lot.

So, if you want to write a good book - grab a pencil and paper. It really isn't that difficult a concept.

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