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Mead oh Beautiful Mead!

I have been updating the website and going over each page individually. And one thing I have noticed as I worked through all the pictures of mead that people have sent me is that sometimes the mead is simply beautiful in it's richness and color.

So I thought it would be nice to put together a page of a hand picked selection of some of the more beautiful batches of mead.

Smiley face raisin


A web visitor snapped this picture of a happy raisin inside his mead. It is hilarious. I would say that is one happy raisin :) It is very understandable considering it is swimming in delicious mead. LOL








For centuries mead has had a reputation for being a difficult drink that is very "manly" and almost a bit nasty. You can see this in some movies. But that reputation is so very far from the truth. And I think that these pictures will help to dispel that myth.


Here are two pictures of mead made by Caty. She is definitely having a lot of fun with the mead making!! The colors are absolutely magnificent! My thanks go to her for sharing these pics!!!






Here are four meads that were made by Phil. My thanks to him for this update! From left to right they are Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, and Japapeno.

Four jugs of mead nicely cleared

Four bottles of mead in the 375 ml sized bottles

Are here are those four meads now bottled in gorgeous Ice Wine bottles to show off their colors.

Of the four Phil says that the jalapeno is his favorite. It has a wonderful jalapeno aroma and as it hits your tongue it is at first sweet then it bites back!


Here is a picture of mead made by Eric! This is after the first racking. And wow, does it look good or what?

Eric's Glowing Mead


Here are three mead making pictures from Anders who lives in Denmark. He also gives us some wonderful insight and information into viking mead, danish mead and the history of mead in denmark.

Four Bottles of mead  This is the fist mead that I have made from the left it is a dry spices mead with   Filipendula rubra (mead wort),hops, raisins, whole clove , nutmeg, Cinnamon, juniper, star anise,Ginger, cardamom, the second on is with the same spises but is is a sweet mead the third is Orange Clove Mead Recipe from yours site but is i also with   Filipendula rubra (mead wort) and hops because is was in the base mead the fourth is made with : blueberries, Cinnamon, and  Filipendula rubra (mead wort) and hops



Here is a series of meads made by Marshall - From left to right.. Orange clove mead (D47) 2 months old, Orange Cinnamon (EC-1118), Blueberry (Montrachet), Red Raspberry (Pasteur Red), Lemmon Lime (K1-V1116), Pear (71B-1122). All are fermenting extremely well!!

Note from Will: Wow, these are simply fantastic. My thanks for Marshall for sending me the pic and the update! And this picture shows us something very significant about mead - how it transforms and clarifies. Notice the bottle on the far right. See how it is cloudy and kind of like a milk shake? That is a new batch, over the course of a month it will transform and clarify, and end up looking like the bottle on the far left. Pretty amazing.




Here is a batch of meads made by Thurman. He is doing a spectacular job with this and clearly having a lot of fun. He is making a wide variety of beautiful looking flavors including Pear Mango, Chocolate Maraschino Cherry, white peach and more!

Seven Batches of mead


Here is a batch of mead made by Travis. All I can say is that this batch has the richest and most beautiful color I have ever seen in a mead. Well done Travis! And my thanks to you for sharing this with us.

1 gallon of fermenting mead

1 gallon of mead

How's that for a color! This is an actual closeup of the mead!

A closeup of the color of the mead


Clear Mead

New: What does clear mead look like and how do you clarify your mead?

If you are new to mead making you might be sure what a clear mead looks like - or how to clarify your mead. I have good advice for you here including a video showing mead clearing up. I also have three products you can use to quickly clear up your mead. Clear mead and clarifying mead



Bottles of MetheglinMake a peach or pineapple fruit mead

If you have always wanted to make a fruit mead (melomel) you might want to check this tutorial out. I take you through the whole process from start to finish including bottling. Make a Peach or Pineapple Melomel