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Increasing the size of the hive - Adding a shallow to your beehive

At some point you are probably going to want to make your beehive bigger. It is also very likely that you will have to. If the bees get too crowded they may decide to swarm to find a bigger place to live. Here is a video showing how to add another level to your beehive. It really is an easy process.


This video shows the complete process. It really is quite simple. You will need a shallow full with frames.

A shallow bee box

This picture shows a shallow with ten frames in it. It already has the wax honeycomb base which will make it much easier for the bees to fill it up with honey!

The important thing to think about here is that we don't want the Queen to get up into this shallow and start laying eggs. We want this to fill up with honey. So what we do is put something down called a queen excluder. It is kind of like a screen that allows worker bees to pass through but doesn't allow the queen to pass through (She is a bit too big).

The excluder is just a piece of plastic. You lay it down on top of the deep then you lay your new shallow down on top of that.






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