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Package Bees

Ok, so you have all the hive equipment and you need bees. Maybe this is your first time with bees or maybe it has been a few years and you want to start up again. What do you do?

You can buy a package of bees. In this tutorial I will help you with the process.

I also have a video showing you how to install a package of bees. It is at the bottom of the page.



This is a package of Bees. It contains about 3 pounds of bees and a queen bee.

A bee package

There will be 2, or 3 pounds of bees. A sugar water feeding cannister and a queen cage with a queen inside. She is with a couple of attendant bees.


The queen cage

This picture shows the queen cage. Inside there is the queen bee and several attendant bees to take care of her.




This package of bees is everything you need to get your hive going. But, you can't just buy them any time of the year. You can only get them in Spring.

How to get a bee package

A google search is an easy way to find a supplier. And you should do it geographically. Enter your state or county along with bee packages for sale and you should get some results.

Typically you then contact the company and arrange for a pickup day when you can go get your bee package.

Alternatively, if you need some help you can contact your county beekeeper association. Or your state beekeeper association. They will be a lot of help.

I live in Bristol County Mass and we have a beekeeper association. Here is their website . You probably have one too.

Your county association probably has meetings, classes and lots more resources too, just like my association.

Usually the county associations arrange for a mass shipment of bee packages in the spring. You order your package through them and then everyone who ordered bee packages picks them up.

But don't wait until spring to order your package! Many places are sold out when it comes time to ship the bees. It is too late to order them. So, order them as early as possible. This will give you time to prepare for them. You will be notified as to the exact day when they will arrive.


The bee Nuc

Okay! Want to know what to do once you get your bee package? I have a full tutorial with pictures right here: Setting up your beehive from a package.






Watch the video here:



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