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Some neat bee tools

Here are some tools that will make your beekeeping easier. They are not mandatory to have but they are really nice to have. I have a video showing these tools in use. That video is at the bottom of the page.


For these first two tools (The frame holder and the perch tool) I have a video showing them in use when opening a hive.

A Frame holder and lifter

Stainless steel Frame holder lifter grip tool -

The frame grip is used to clamp the top bar of a frame to remove the frames from the hive. Lifting the frames from the hive becomes an easy job. A very useful beekeeping equipment tool to protect the bee sting. Durable spring, stainless steel handle, a more precise capture of framework.

A frame perch tool

Beehive Frame Perch Tool

Attach the perch to the side of the box and then use it to rest frame during inspection. 18.75 Inches long and 6.25 Inches wide. Dimensions: 19"x 8"x 4.5" Weight: 1.10 Lbs.


Scrapter tool

Jhook lifter scraper tool

The J shape hook is used to lift out the first frame. The sharp edge for cutting off beeswax as a scraper. Hive tool is the must have tool for the beekeeper.
The hive tool is a mini crow bar that is used to pry apart hive bodies and supers. This Stainless J hook hive tool is made of Stainless steel which makes it very hard to bend or break. It is a multi function tool. Length approx 11inch Weight approx 160g



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