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Buy Mead online

You can now buy mead online through a variety of places. Wine took a while to get online and mead took even longer. But it is now here and you can shop for mead from the comfort of your own home. YAY!

Mead has always been a challenge to get from a local wine shop so this opening up to the online world is a real life saver.

If you have never tried mead before, now is your chance to try it. Here is a selection to choose from.



Buy Direct from the Mead Makers websites

  • Feisty Brood Meadery - They are a small winery in Ohio that specializes in Mead. Eight Current Meads including "Citrus Inspiration Mead" - Gold Medal at 2018 Mazer Cup for Dry Commercial Traditional meads
  • Fire Circl Mead - Their brewery is in S. Oregon in a location referred to as Sam's Valley.  They are possibly the only organic brewers of braggot in Oregon. Here is what they have to say about their mead: We brew Braggots which is a style of Mead  We have two Braggots that are on the store shelves, Dragon's Blood and Naughty Heather.  Our Dragon's Blood resembles a robust porter fermented with wine yeast, carmelly sweet with a hint of juniper berries.  The Naughty Heather resembles a red ale, brewed without hops but with heather tips and flowers.  Both are very popular.
  • St. Ambrose Cellars - Located in Michigan. Looks like some great mead. They currently ship to Washington DC. Michigan and Minnesota. (this list of states will probably expand over time) They raise their own bees which is always a great thing when it comes to mead making!
  • Laurel Highlands Meadery - Located in Pennsylvania, they have a variety of interesting meads including a chocolate, a traditional, a maple and a triple berry.
  • Hidden Legend Winery - 6 types of Mead, located in Montana and ship to several different states. (Note that their repertoire has increased and they carry more than six types now!)
  • Volcano Winery in Hawaii - They carry a variety of wines but also have a macadamia nut honey wine that looks very promising. You can order online.
  • Rabbits Foot Meadery - California
  • Redstone Meadery - Colorado
  • Long Island Meadery - New Jersey
  • Sky River Meadery - Washington State
  • Shady Grove Meadery - Tennessee
  • Bees Brothers Meadery - New Mexico
  • Ring of Fire Meadery - Alaska
  • New Day Meadery - Indiana
  • Earle Estates Meadery - New York
  • Jhelbare Wines - Ohio
  • Chateau Lorane - Oregon
  • White Winter Winery - Wisconsin
  • - Texas
  • BlackSnake Meadery - Virginia
  • Chaucer's Wine - California
  • Heidrun Meadery - Califormia
  • Munro Honey and Meadery - Canada
  • Trazo Mead - Located in Tennessee. They sell online and have a nice flight of mead I recommend you get if you are new to mead and various flavors.