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Trazo Mead - Review

This is a review of several of the meads from Trazo Meadery.

They are the first meadery in Tennessee. But it's ok if you don't live near them because they have online purchase and shipping.

If you are new to mead you are going to be interested in this review because they do something a bit unique.


I emailed back and forth with one of the owners of Trazo Meadery ( David Powell) and he offered to send me a flight of mead for testing, tasting, and reviewing.

I tasted the mead and will tell you about it but first let me tell you about the flight of mead! This is what you receive. A nice little box.

And inside you get a half dozen different meads in little bottles along with some shot glasses for drinking. Nice!

That's really neat. If you are new to mead this is a really terrific option for you because for a very reasonable price you can taste-test six different meads.

Each bottle is two ounces which is a generous amount - more than enough for two people to get a good taste of each one. If you are interested in this flight of mead, or in full bottles you can check out their website right here: Trazo Mead

(The wildflower one is only partially full because I tried it before I took the picture)

And now for my reviews

I was tickled pink to get this assortment of meads because it makes it very easy to comparison taste all six flavors without having to open up six full bottles. I didn't drink each bottle right down. I tasted from each bottle and I recommend you do the same. I will explain why in a bit.

I went straight to the Orange Blossom. I typically like meads made from Orange Blossom. And this one didn't disappoint! It's great and it is nicely sweet -which I really like. This is one of the best Orange Blossoms I have tasted. It is right in my range. It is perfect as an aperterif. And.... this is another bonus for you if you are new to mead. The sweetness will be pleasing.

Secondly I tried the Wildflower - I tend to go for straight up plain meads above all else. And the same thing. It has a really nice sweetness to it. Which can be a challenge with wildflower meads. But well done here.

Now on to the more complex meads:

And this is where the beauty of getting a flight comes in.

From the Wildflower mead I went to the Wildflower aged on a Bourbon barrel. And even if you don't have a lot of experience with meads or wines you will be able to taste and smell the difference. That aged Bourbon barrel comes through. It's a wonderful thing and another great mead.

My interest was really piqued so I had to try the wildflower on a Jamaican Rum Barrel. And sure enough it was a Jamaican Rum Mead! Yay! Got to admire the whole craft of mead making!

I finished off by trying the mesquite and the Avocada. And they were great too!

So, if you are looking to get a taste of some really good meads and you want to try different flavors Trazo mead is the place to go. Order the flight!

My thanks go to David Powell of Trazo Mead for sending me this great selection of mead.


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