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Worried about making a batch of mead? Worry no more!

I get a lot of email from people who want to make some mead, or have tried a batch unsuccessfully.

And I have noticed a bit of information overload with them. There is a lot of stuff on the internet. You can learn just about everything there is to learn about mead making. And it can be very confusing!!

ABV, different yeasts, fermentation cycle, additives, claritives, racking, autolysis, and so much more..



If you just want to successfully make a batch of mead, without all the confusion, I have the solution for you right here.

Let's look at what mead making is.

You add together yeast, honey and water. That's it! The yeast, eats the honey and excretes alcohol. During this process the yeast goes through a life cycle and many more yeast are born. Eventually all the honey is eaten up and the yeast dies off. Or the alcohol content gets so high that it kills off the yeast. Either way your mead is done.

Why the airlock?

The airlock on a batch of mead is important. This is because a by-product of the fermenting yeast is that it gives off carbon dioxide gas. This gas can build up.Think of the popping of a champagne cork. That is carbon dioxide gas buildup. An airlock allows the carbon dioxide to escape.

So, why not just keep the batch uncovered?

Easy question to answer. You have honey and water mixed together. That concoction can easily be infected by an unwanted bacteria! So, to avoid this infection we add millions of yeast cells and close off the container with an airlock. Nothing can get in but the Carbon dioxide gas can escape out. And the millions of wanted yeast cells quickly take over the batch.

So, let's make a batch of mead

You might be thinking about making a delicious mead with some wonderful flavors in it like peach or cherry, or any of a thousand other flavors. I recommend you don't! Let's just start out with a simple mead so you can actually get something successfully done. After this first batch you can start to think about flavors.

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Inexpensive way to get started:

1 gallon carboy

If you have never made mead and would like to give it a try very inexpensively this is a terrific setup. Very inexpensive and Prime shipping too. You get a gallon glass carboy an airlock and the rubber stopper. I love this setup and the price. Fermenter including Rubber stopper and Airlock




OK! It actually is pretty easy. Now you have the confidence to make a batch of mead. Now I will show you how to do it step by step. And I am going to add a little bit to the process. These small additions are optional but they increase the chances of a great batch.


1. Let's start with the yeast. If you have purchased a commercial packet of yeast it comes with instructions for warming it up. This is called starting. It gets the yeast going. And it usually entails adding the yeast to warmed water and gently stirring for a set period of time. Follow the instructions for your yeast. If you are using bread yeast you bought at a grocery store then skip this step. Don't start it. You will be fine.

2. Heat up the honey and mix it with water. Put your quart of honey in a sauce pan and gently heat it. Do not boil it. Get it hot without boiling. We want to get it to flow easily and we want it to mix well with the water. Once it is heated pour it into your gallon jug. And add your three quarts of water. Now cap off that jug somehow and shake it vigorously. You want the honey and water to mix thoroughly.

3. Set it aside for ten minutes and let it cool! You don't want to add the yeast to it while it is hot. This could harm or kill the yeast. Monitor by feeling the jug.

4. This step is optional but a good idea! Slice an orange thinly and add it to the batch. This isn't for flavor. This actually adjusts the ph of the batch, it is more friendly to the yeast. Yeast is ph sensitive. Also add 25 raisins to the batch. Also optional.

5. Add the yeast to the batch and swirl the jug gently.

6. Add your airlock. You are done! Fill your airlock half way with water. Be sure the airlock and the stopper are both very tight. You don't want any air leaks. An airleak will make you think the batch isn't fermenting. THis is because the CO2 is escaping rather than bubbling out the airlock.

7. Store it out of sunlight and in a room temperature place. Don't put it in a "cool" place. That is a common misperception. Keep it room temp (around 70F)

Ok! All the work is done! You have made mead. But of course it is going to need time to ferment. Let's continue and see what we will be doing in the future.

Let's continue and see what we will eventually do with the batch of mead


HomeBrewStuff One Gallon Nano-Meadery Deluxe Mead Kit

Our premium nano-meadery Kit comes with all the equipment needed to make one gallon batches of mead. This kits comes with everything you will need to make your first batch. One gallon batches are a great way to perfect your mead making before stepping up to larger batches this Kit is also great for experienced mead makers who wish to make Test or pilot batches. Kit includes: 2 gallon primary fermentation bucket, 1 gallon glass carboy, mini Auto Siphon with 4' 5/16" x 7/16" tubing and hose clamp, triple scale hydrometer, stopper and 3 piece airlock, thermometer, 10 Pack camp den tablets, c-brute 2x, Instructions and Basic mead recipe (now improved and much more comprehensive), liquid isinglass 1oz, potassium sorbet 1/2 oz., light toasted Oak chips 4oz, 3 lbs. unprocessed honey and Pasteur red yeast 3x. homebrew stuff is the only authorized dealer of the Kit. Do not be fooled by other sellers. if you need a refill for your Kit please see our other listings for mead or Cider refill kits.