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Supplies and tools for Casting Miniatures


Here is a hand picked selection of mold making materials and books. These are the various things that are used in making miniature molds and duplicates. I also have picked out some books and dvds that will help.


Complete Kit

Moldmaking & Casting Pourable Starter Ki

Moldmaking & Casting Pourable Starter Kit - Mold rubber can be used to capture exact detail from any model. This starter kit will allow you to make a rubber mold of a small, simple 2 or 3 dimensional model using silicone rubber. Then pour our fast cast plastic to make one or more reproductions of the original. If you are an absolute beginner to casting then you might want to consider getting this kit. It has everything you need to get started including the casting materials and mold making materials. I have this kit and I use it for some of my tutorials. It actually will save you money because it gives you reasonable quantities of the varous needed things. You would pay more if you try to buy things separately. It also comes with a DVD that shows you exactly how to do everything.

Note from Will: The mold making kit above is the one I purchased to make my miniatures in the tutorials. You can purchase the whole kit or you can purchase the items individually. The rubber making ingredients and plastic making ingredients are available separately below.

Mold Making Supplies - the stuff you use to make the molds

Smooth On rubber mix

Smooth-On Oomoo 30 Silicone - 2.8 lbs, Oomoo 30 Silicone

This is the stuff that you mix together and pour. It forms the rubber mold. I use this material in my tutorial on how to cast a miniature


Easy Mold Silicone Molding Rubber

Easy Mold Silicone Molding Rubber for Casting and Jewelry Making 1 Pound

Easymold Silicone Rubber
Easily Create Blanket, Glove Or Block Molds
Odorless, Non Toxic

  • FDA Compliant - Food Grade
  • Ideal for a wide range of impression type mold applications Casting Resin and Epoxy, wax, baking, chocolates, ice cubes, soap, plaster, air dry clay, concrete and low melt metals.
  • For use in jewelry making including pendants, charms and earrings.
  • 45 minute to 1 hour working time, 24 hour cure.
  • Produces extremely fine detail from original.
  • High heat range, up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • No shrinkage.
  • Self releasing, no mold release agent required for most applications.
  • Complete Instructions and project ideas enclosed.
  • Strong, flexible reusable molds.
  • No vacuum equipment required.
  • Quantity: Net 1 pound (US), 0.454 kg



MoldRite 25 Mold Making Rubber

MoldRite 25 Mold Making RubberMoldRite is used by mold makers sculptors prototypers crafters and artists for long lasting silicone rubber molds to create and reproduce architectural pieces candles figurines jewelry picture frames plaster moldings prototyping soap statuary toys and any other item requiring high quality silicone rubber molds. The rubber cures quickly and will reproduce perfect detail from any original model. Once the mold is completed it can be cast in EZ Cast resin gypsum clay or polyester. Features include: No release needed; Easy to use; Makes reusable molds; Highest tear strength; Quick curing; Easy to pour; Sticks to itself (for multiple coats where needed); High detail. The 3 pound box will make 1 pint of MoldRite 25.


Supplies for making the Miniature parts - This is the stuff you pour into the molds


Smooth on plastic

Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 300 - Smooth-Cast 300- This is the stuff you use to make the duplicate. You cast this material into the rubber mold.

For reproducing fine detail from original models. Or for reproducing sculptures, prototype models, cold cast bronze, decorative jewelry, etc. 900 and 300 molding and casting compounds can work together or separately.


Kastez Resin

KastEZ Resin- 2 Part Rapid Cure Casting Resin KastEZ Resin- 2 Part Rapid Cure Casting ResinKastEZ Resin is a two part polyurethane casting system. KastEZ Resin is mixed one to one by volume and cures at room temperature. It produces a lower exothermic temperature than most comparable resins begins to gel in 1.5 minutes and cures to a white color (it is NOT clear casting resin!). When hardened the resin is scratch resistant. It captures high detail and has very low shrinkage when curing. Will make castings from rigid and flexible molds. 16 oz package.


Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy Enamel Resin 8 oz



Book how to cast small metal and rubber parts

How to Cast Small Metal and Rubber Parts (2nd Edition)

This is a make-your-own guide for hard-to-find small parts! Using this excellent sourcebook as a guide, you can easily make high quality, defect-free castings for almost any purpose amazingly low cost! Just some of the countless uses you'll find for this potentially profitable skill ...making obsolete or vintage car parts, hood ornaments, garden and fireplace tools, kitchen utensils, automotive parts, replacing broken antique parts, reproducing sculpture, plaques, and other art ...all kinds of decorative and useful objects for your own use or to sell!Writing in nontechnical language, author William Cannon provides all the instruction you need to cast any part ...putting an end to those long and often unfruitful scavenger hunts through shops, flea markets, and swap meets. This time- and money-saving second edition of the 'bible' on casting small metal and rubber parts guides you through all the basics of foundry work. You'll learn how to reproduce or create new items of brass, bronze, or other metals ...or almost anything made of rubber.Cannon shows you how to organize your own home workshop - the equipment you'll need, how much it costs, and how to set it all up! You can even open your own full - or part-time business. You'll discover which metal is better for certain jobs and why, how to choose molding sands, how to design and produce molds, and how to repair castings. Plus information is included on coremaking, casting problems and their causes, finishing castings and correcting defects ...even chapters on grinding, polishing, and buffing. Plus the completely updated and revised information on casting rubber parts will bring up up-to-date on all the recent developments in polyurethane rubber.


Mold Making DVD

Introduction to Mold Making and Casting DVD

Smooth-On, the most trusted name in moldmaking presents "An Introduction to Mold Making And Casting." This video will introduce you to the endless world of mold making and casting and will expose you to basic concepts associated with reproducing the detail from an original model by making a rubber mold. It will introduce you to the most common mold rubbers used for making molds today as well as important terms associated with using mold rubber. Youll learn considerations and the right questions to ask when faced with selecting a mold rubber for your project. Well show you how to prepare your original model so that mold rubber will properly cure against it and release from from it. Youll learn how to mix and pour mold rubber so that it cures properly. Youll also learn about different materials available for casting into your mold to make an exact copy of your original. To help guide us on our journey, weve enlisted the help of Rubber Guy & Rubber Gal  Mold making super heros whose job it is to defend the world from the evil Doctor Mold Doom - the cause of mold making and casting disasters.


Reproduce anything

Reproduce Almost Anything : Basic Silicone Mold Making (Video and Workbook)