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Getting Acrylic Paints to look more realistic on your miniatures

This is part of my painting miniatures tutorial. And one of the difficulties about painting minis is that acrylic paints can be a bit too bright and unrealistic looking. We often want a grittier look.

A web visitor (Slavik) has submittted a technique and recommendation of paint to use to get this realistic dungeon look.

My thanks to him for this great contribution! Here is what he has to say. (and I have included a couple of pictures of one of his miniatures that uses this technique.


Here is what Slavik Has to Say:

I was reading about painting miniatures on your great site Storm The Castle and I noticed in the Painting Miniatures - the paints and supplies part of your Painting Miniatures Tutorial.

That you did not like the brightness of the acrylics and that they give the miniature an anime look which is not desirable for a mini that is not anime! So I looked around to see if I could find a way to get the acrylics to get the gritty dungeon or dirty battlefield look. After some search I found out about Games Workshop's Citadel Washes. They dirty up the mini and make him look like he is in the dungeons or fighting for his life in moria. A cheaper way to do this is also to simple mix up a batch of regular acrylic paint and water. 1 part paint and 3 parts water worked well for me although more can be added. It looks good although not quite as nice as the washes. I sent a few pictures of the second way to get washes. The Mini is a 40k commissar. I am please with the way he turned out because now he looks like a real soldier and not an anime cartoon. Hope this is helpful.

Miniature soldier    miniature soldier


miniature sculpting

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