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Make a Miniature Market Place

The Marketplace is part of the Medieval Village Diorama. There is a section of the diorama that is well, a market place. Here are pictures and tutorials on how to make this variety of miniature stuff.

Miniature market place

And here is a look at the actual marketplace on the diorama. The diorama is still being built.

The MarketPlace



The wooden stall

Most of the construction of the marketplace is done with balsa wood and hot glue gun.



Cutting fabric

The canopy over the fruitstand is just a piece of painters canvas that was cut to size and shape. You could use any type of cloth for something like this.




There are a whole lot of common things that we can use to improvise up the parts of the marketplace. Here are two buttons off a shirt. They will make great looking wheels for the fruit cart.


Wire and buttons

Some wire spanned from button to button turns this into the axle of the cart.



Button wheels on cart

With a little bit of balsa wood we now have our wheeled cart.



The wooden cart


NextLet's take a look at making the fruits and vegetables for this marketplace


Making Miniature food

Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls




Make a Metal Earth Himeji Castle

Fun little metal kit you can buy. It is a replica of Himeji Castle in Japan. Make a Miniature Himeji Castle


Dragonbone sword

Make a DragonBone Sword Necklace

Fun Polymer Clay Project and a nice gift for the upcoming Valentine's Day. Of course I give you the template.

Make a DragonBone Sword Necklace




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