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Make a Miniature Anvil

This is a fun little project and turns out terrific. It is how to make a miniature anvil and stump. You just need a few basic supplies like foam.

This is part of my dragonslayer series of stop motion animations. You can see more of it here . You can also watch the animation.


Here is the completed anvil. The penny shows you the scale of it.

The Miniature Anvil


Blocks of foam

We didn't have a block of foam large enough so we glued two blocks of foam together.


Round out the foam

Then use some kind of tool to round it out. A hot wire foam cutter is great for this.


Rounded foam

This is what we have so far.


Sanding the foam

Some Sanding will get it just right. Notice how the bottom end of the stump is a little wider than the top of the stump.


Use a pen to sculpt

A ball point pen is perfect for making the bark lines and the rings on the top. We don't need the black pen, just the impression that it makes because we will be painting this next.


Dry brush it

First paint the whole thing nice and black. And once the black is dry you can dry brush on brown. Drybrushing is a light and shallow coat of brown so it doesn't go down into the crevices. They stay black.


Paint the top of the stump a silverish or whitish color.

paint the top



The completed stump

This is the completed stump.


The details

Now we need to make the iron band that goes around the stump. This is just poster paper curled with a pencil. the orange dots are holes from a hole punch two or three layers thick.


Ok, now let's work on the anvil


The dragonslayer

Dragonslayer 7 Meteor - This is the latest installment of the DragonSlayer Series of animations.

This is a fun animation that takes place in a blacksmith shop. The whole video is about 2 minutes in length. I show you the making of the set, shooting the animation and you can watch it too! DragonSlayer 7 Meteor


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