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Make a Miniature Cuirass

Here is another wonderful miniature made by Kaz. It is a miniature cuirass. And wow it came out terrific! Kaz has also made a fantastic miniature Sword (Xiphos). You can check out that project here. And he has made the miniature helmet. That tutorial is here.


Miniature Cuirass

He tells us a little bit about how he made this:

The hardest part for this I found was just trying to create the template for the cuirass with the right measurements, so there was a lot of guesswork involved, and once that's completed it was pretty straight forward from there. The basic shape was achieved just by using pliers/tongs to bend the metal. To create musculature of the piece I used a small ball pien hammer to dish out the chest and then used a tack hammer to create the lines of the chest using against the edge of my anvil. I used the same technique on the backplate to create a crease down the spine. The outline of the abdomen was created using a flathead screwdriver. After all that it took quite a lot of time to correctly match up the breast plate to the back plate again.

Here is a picture of the completed cuirass with hinges and the other gear to go with it!

The complete set of armor




Miniature xiphos

Make a Miniature Sword (Xiphos greek sword)

This is one terrific little project submitted by a web visitor (Kaz).The sword is about 4 1/4 inches long and actually steel! Wow, This is a whole lot of fun and it looks fantastic! Might even be combat ready because he hardened and tempered it! Make a Miniature Sword


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