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Make a Miniature Hoplite Helmet

Here is another terrific little project by Kaz. It is part of his series of miniature armor and weapons including the greek sword (xiphos) the breastplate and now the helmet. He tells us a little bit about it:

This helmet is supposed to resemble that of what an ancient Greek hoplite might wear, and it ended up being somewhat "corinthianesque" which I am quite pleased about . I used a modified pattern for an 15th century Italian Barbute helmet, which has some similarities to an ancient Greek Corinthian helmet. I got the template from The Armour Archive, all credit here goes to 'Allessandro'

You can also see Kaz's other projects here: Sword, Cuirass


The completed Hoplite helmet


Tools and materials used:

Tin snips, permanent marker, superglue, pliers/tongs, assortment of small files, sandpaper, small anvil, wood stump, blow torch, brazing wire, flux, small ball pein hammer, small tack hammer, 1mm brass sheet, paper.


the drawing


We start with some drawings.

The two halves

Then both halves were cut to that pattern shape.


Dish out with hammer

The skull section of each half was dished out with a small ball pein hammer until both sides were the desired shape.


the two completed halves

I often worked the metal hot, which made shaping it a lot easier. Getting both sides to match up correctly took quite a lot of time. Both sides were joined by using brazing wire and a blow torch.


the helmet is brazed

After the brazing I cleaned the helmet up and made more modifications by cutting away some material, especially around the eyes and back of the helmet. The weld lines are quite visible at this stage but once sanded and polished they become almost invisible.


The crest box halves

Next I cut out two pieces of brass, about 5mm high, with a curvature to match the shape of the top of the helmet skull, as well as small end pieces, about 3mm wide, these would form the basis of the crest box.


The crest box

It is held together with superglue, and I found it to be quite flimsy at first so added a small piece of brass to the middle of the box to strengthen it.


For the actual crest I used bristles from a paintbrush. I glued the very ends of the bristles while they were still attached to the brush, then cut them off in tufts and glued them into the crest box.

assembling the crest


Gluing the crest to the helmet

Once the crest was finished I glued it too the helmet, to make this easier I drew a line down the middle of the helmet to make sure I line up the crest properly.


attaching the helmet

The crest is attached and the helmet is complete!!!


You can also see Kaz's other projects here: Sword, Cuirass

The complete miniature set


Here is the miniature hoplite Kaz sculpted to wear the gear!


The armored hoplite


Viking gear

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You can make this with foamboard or cardboard. Either way it comes out graet and is double layered for strength.

Made just like they made the real shields.

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Viking sword and helmet

Make a Viking Sword and Helmet

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