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Miniature DragonBorn Iron Helmet


This is a fun little project and it is part of a stop motion animation project that I have done. The helmet is a knightly helmet with horns sticking out of it. It is a replica of a helmet in the Skyrim video game.

You can learn more about the animation and watch the video right here: The DragonSlayer Skyrim


Here is a look at the completed helmet being worn by the animated figure.

The Dragonslayer



Helmet frame

The helmet is for a 12 inch figure (for stop motion animation). So we start by fitting some strips of cardboard to the figures head.


The helmet

From here we can flesh out the helmet, add some nice shapes to it with cardboard and secure it all together with masking tape.



Beginning the horn

The horns are simply twisted pieces of brown paper. I selected brown paper because it has a little bit more rigidity to it.



paper Horn

Come on! Does that look good or what?



The wrapped horn

Ok, wrap that thing with some pieces of masking tape. And cut a strip of thin cardboard to fit as the base piece. Wrap that with masking tape too. And this thing is ready for painting. The yellowish-gold color you see smudged there is the color we paint this horn.


The mix

Ok, even though this helmet is small we still want it to look great so we mixed up a small batch of paper mache and paper mached the helmet with small strips of paper towel.



Now that looks great! Let it dry, glue the horns on and then paint it!



the Glue Gun

Glue gun works great for gluing something like this together. This is how we glued the horns on.


Adding Details

Drybrushing on some brown gives us a great metallic and aged look.

A few different colors of paint like gold and yellow and we have a helmet. And, a pen works good to make the little rivets.


I also have a tutorial where you can make a full size and wearable skyrim helmet:

Skyrim Helmet

Make the Skyrim Iron Helmet

Nice tutorial on how to make the Iron helmet out of cereal box cardboard and paper mache. Good looking helmet and strong. How to make the Skyrim Iron Helmet




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