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Make a Spray Booth for your Miniature Painting

I do a lot of painting of all kinds of stuff, miniature figures, models, swords daggers and all kinds of foamboard and cardboard projects. And most of the time I have to take the stuff outside to paint it!

Now you can have a nice little paint booth without spending all that money. Yup! This is a cardboard project with a few extras and is perfect for miniatures, models and more.

I can't take credit for this project though. This was made by Paul. And many thanks go out to him for sharing this with us! He sent pics and a really nice explanation of how to make it.



The Paint Booth

About building this, supplies:

  • A cardboard box
  • A piece of lexan, plexiglass glass or laminating pouch for the top window
  • A kitchen hood filter
  • Computer fan and switch
  • a way to power up the fan, could be a transformer or USB


Here is the completed spray booth. Notice a couple of things. First there is a big piece of plastic at the top. This is to let light in. Secondly notice how on the front of the booth the top is beveled down. This is a great idea. It will help keep any paint from spraying up in your face! Duct tape everything nice and securely including all the corners and edges.

The home made spray booth

Building it

Cut a large square hole in the top. This is for light! Cover that hole with some kind of clear or opaque material like lexan, glass or plastic. This will let natural light in. You can also add a lamp if you need more light.

Add light if needed

Now the fan, switch and filter

You mount the fan and its switch in the side of the box like this. The fan is over a hole in the box so the air can be pulled out of the box. Notice the white foamboard frame here. This is perfect. The stove hood filter can mount right up against it.

The fan and switch


Now you can make a foam board frame for your filter and add a pull tab to it with duct tape. This way you can insert it snugly into the box right up against the foam board frame you made. And to remove it all you have to do is pull the tab.


The filter


The fan from outside

Here is the fan from the outside. You can also see the power jack. Just make sure to mount the fan so the direction of airflow is out of the box. It pulls the air through the filter and out.


The power jack

Here it is. All connected and ready to to. That is a little plug in power source cord.


The on and off button

And here is the power button on the side of the box.

All of these things can be bought at radio shack or Maplins. I also have some links to amazon stuff that will help.


That's It! You are ready to start spray painting!!!

Painting a plane




Mini Fan

I found this nice little fan with cord and switch on Amazon.com. And it plugs right into your USB port which makes this thing very easy to use in your spray booth. Just make sure you have the USB with power. Older ports don't have it.

Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan - Us



Here is a larger fan that is 120V. More oopfh with this one. Probably good if you want a bit of a bigger paint booth. Although I haven't tried it. But very easy here, just plug it in.

AC Infinity HS1238A-X Standard Cooling Fan, 115V AC 120mm by 120mm by 38mm High Speed



Broan 97007696 FILTER 8-3/4 X 10-1/2 X 3/8



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