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Make a Miniature Roman Gladius Letter Opener

Here is a wonderful little tutorial sent in by a web visitor (Paul Hughes) it is based on my full sized roman gladius project that you can see here.

This is a quick and easy little project that you will find rewarding to make and you can use it as a letter opener!

I have a template for this project right here

My thanks go to Paul for this terrific little project and he has submitted other projects to my website like this tutorial on how to rebind a book.


Mini roman gladius



draw and cut the three pieces

The sword is easy to make and all you need is three pieces. Here they are here. The sword blade and two of the pommel/guard/handle pieces.

Print up the template and use it to trace out your three pieces. Then cut these pieces out.


Sand it


Once you have the three pieces cut out you can glue them together then use a finger sander or small pieces of sand paper to sand it all to a nice shape. Work the blade to make a nice edge.


Detailing the sword

Using some kind of a tool you can now work the grooves into the handle. A dremel, miniature drill and bit, or even small files can work for this.


The completed mini gladius

Paint it and your miniature Roman Gladius is done!

The blade you can paint steel or silver, the pommel and guard are brown and the handle is white.



Make a Roman Gladius

Foam board roman gladius

Just some foamboard or cardboard and I give you the template which makes it so easy. Make a Roman Gladius.



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