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Make a Miniature Rose Flower

This is a tutorial on how to make a miniature flower like a rose.

Here is the completed Rose

The completed rose


Things you will need for this tutorial:


The materials


Make the stem

Step 1: Make the Flower Stem - Cut the floral wire double the desired stem size and bend it in half. Twist it around, leaving a tiny loop at the top. Use a piece of foam to hold it up while you work. Or tape it to your work surface.


Make the petals

Step 2: Make the Petals - Take an approximately 20 inch length of crepe paper and fold it over and over and over. So you'll have 8 layers. Then cut out three different sizes of petals. You ca also fold less times over and cut out more sizes. You want at least 20 petals.


attach petals

Step 3: Attach Petals - Mix equal parts of white glue and water. Starting with the tiniest petals and working up to the largest apply glue to the bottom of the petals with a tiny brush rolling each petal around the stem.



Roll tightly

Try to get the first few tightly rolled and the rest will go on as they fit around the others. Stop every 2-3 petals and allow it to dry for a few minutes Add a fan or blowdryer to the mix to speed things up.


add petals

Let it dry and apply a couple of medium sized petals. If your petals are not spreading out try pinching and rolling the base where all the glue is. This usually opens up the petals some.


curl with toothpick

Also, once you get to the large petals use the end of your brush or a toothpick to curl the petal outward -just the top of the petal. This really gives the flower that rose look and makes a big difference so don't skip it.

When you are done, get a drop of water on your finger and brush it along the top of the petals lightly from th e center outwards and let dry.



Wrap the stem

Step 4: Wrap the stem -Floral tape can be tricky because it doesn't stick will. The trick is to worap it tight and strethc it while you wrap. Start at the base and go upand down again. Or you can stkip this entireal y and ataach to a tree or anything else for that matter. They fwork for any size. Ifyou you do make it in a large version jut make more sizes of petals to keep it looking real.



Wrapping the stem


Another view of the rose


To Make a bud: take a small strip of the crepe paper and twist/bunch it around a stem with a slightly larger loop until you have a little upside down tear drop shape.


Glue to larger hoop


Twist it around the stem


Add layers


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