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Make a Miniature Sword

This is a tutorial submitted by Kaz and I really love this project! It is how to make a great looking miniature sword based on the ancient greek Xiphos.

Kaz tells us a little bit about making it:

Recently I decided to do something creative so I made this small sword, length 4 1/4" long, based on an ancient Greek "Xiphos". The whole blade and tang is cut out of a piece of 16ga steel, dowels were used and shaped down to create the wooden handles. All the accents on the sword and scabbard are made of brass which were forged from a small piece of brass bar stock, except for two small copper inlays on the pommel. The scabbard is made out of leather and is held together with stitches and glue. I also attempted to quench and temper the sword, but I don't know whether there was any success, but I like to to think it did something!

Kaz also has made a miniature Cuirass and the miniature helmet with the flourish on it.



The miniature sword is right here. It is even hardened and tempered with heat!

The miniature sword, sheath, helmet and shield


Piece of sheet steel

Start with a small piece of 16 gauge steel cut to the size of your sword including the handle.


Cut it to shape

Use a pair of aviation tin snips to cut the shape. This can be tricky and you can try other tools too.

The sword is shaped

It looks great.

The handle wood

Here is a piece of dowel. It is perfect wood for the handle.


place the dowel handle


Brass bar pounded and curved

Brass rod is great for the pommel and guard of the sword. In this picture it is being curved over for the pommel.


the handle

The guard is done and you can see how the pommel is a curved over piece of brass rod that has been flattened.

The sheath

The sheath is actually two pieces of thin leather that have been sewn together and glued.


wrap the sheath in brass

The top and the bottom are then wrapped in the flattened brass bar stock.


The end of the sheath

Don't affix the bottom brass piece to the sheath yet until you cap it like this. Wow, this is some great work!

Once it is assembled like this you file it down so it is nice and smooth.


Let's take one last look at this sword and sheath.

The sword


The sword and sheath

Here is a pic of the completed gear including the cuirass.

The complete miniature armor and weapons



Miniature cuirass

Make a Miniature Cuirass (BreastPlate)

Here is another great miniature project made by Kaz. It looks amazing! Make a miniature Cuirass


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