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Miniature Medeival Furniture

Making tiny medieval furniture is a lot of fun. And you just need a few basic supplies. Getting the medieval look is not very hard because a lot of that furniture was rough-hewn wood and bits and pieces of balsa wood lends itself to this very well.

This is part of my medieval village diorama project. You can see more about that diorama here: The Medieval Village Diorama



First here is a look at the various pieces including on the left the little weapons.

Miniature Medieval Furniture


The Lord's Chambers

Here is a look at the lords chamber with the furniture in place. Lot of fun stuff here including a bookcase, a bed, a writing desk with quill, and a comfortable chair with footstool placed right in front of the fire.


Miniature Throne

This picture shows the kings seat being made. It is simply small pieces of balsa wood glued together with a hot glue gun. This is the process used for most of the miniature furniture. Add a little bit of red cloth as the fabric and you are good!


Using an emory board

Some of the best tools for work like this include an X-acto knife and emory boards. The emory boards are like little sandpaper sticks. They work great.


The royal chair

For the fabric I used small pieces of paper cloth. I bought this stuff in an arts and crafts store. It's kind of like velvet paper. You can use colored paper or even think pieces of cloth. You just add it as if you were upholstering the furniture. Even add pieces of string around the edges like the pillow has been done.


Balsa Wood Swords

The Lords Manor also has an armory with a variety of miniature weapons. The swords and various polearms are simply carved and glued out of balsa wood.


The sword mount

And the weapon racks themselves are just little pieces of balsa wood.



Miniature Bow

And one of the neatest little weapons is the miniature Bow. It is simply twisted wire that is formed into the bow shape. I added a little bit of extra wrapping where the hand grip is. And the bowstring is just a piece of string.


Wiring the bow handle

This picture shows the bow in progress. The actual bow was made by twisting two pieces of wire together. Now the bow handgrip goes on with an extra piece of wire.


How to Build Miniature Furniture and Room Settings

How to Build Miniature Furniture and Room Settings

Shows how standard miniatures kits can become finely crafted furniture. Easy-to-follow instructions teach how to create likelike period rooms from kit materials or from scratch.


Building Miniature Houses and Furniture

Building Miniature Houses and Furniture


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