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miniature castle stuff

There are a whole lot of fun little miniature stuff you can make that revolve around a castle.

These are some of the accoutrements of my cigar box castle project.



Cigar Box castle

You can see the Cigar Box castle project here


Most of the stuff in this castle is really easy to make. I used just a few items like string, foam and bits of balsa wood. You can see how just a few materials and a few basic tools can go a long way in making miniature stuff.


A miniature catapult

A miniature catapult is a nice little project. It doesn't really work though!

A little water well

A little water well made out of carved foam , a bit of string and some small pieces of balsa wood. The bucket is foam with a piece of paper clip as the handle.


fireplace carved out of foam

The cooking area is a fireplace carved out of foam with a balsa wood top and the fire is little bits of broom bristles. There is actually a cooking chicken on a rotisserie too. The chicken was carved out of a bit of foam.


stable made out of balsa wood

On one side is a stable made out of balsa wood. There is also some string as a horse rope, a water trough carved out of foam and the thatched roof. You can use the bristles from a broom for this thatched roof or some woodland scenics like this:

Natural Straw Field Grass

Natural Straw Field Grass Woodland Scenics

An extremely fine, natural hair product that models tall grass, field grass and weeds.




The little crennelated towers are carved out of foam. You can use foam for a whole lot of different things. it is very easy to sculpt, carve, and paint.


upstairs of the castle

Here is a look at part of the upstairs of the castle. There is a bed with a red blanket, a table and chairs, a ladder, fireplace and brick dividing wall.


balsa wood chairs

A lot of this stuff including the table and chairs were made out of pieces of balsa wood.


The stone wall out of foam

The stone dividing wall is just a piece of foam. I used an xacto knife to cut the brick patterns and then painted it gray.



Storm The Castle Diorama

Storm The Castle Diorama (Besieged)

The Storm The Castle Diorama is coming along nicely and the besieged castle is taking shape. This is a massive eight foot diorama. Check it out and learn how to make something like this right here. I have been working on it for a year!


Castle Diorama

A Castle Diorama - Charles uses his brick making skills to make a castle diorama.. You can check that out here. The Castle diorama


Medieval Ruins

The Medieval Ruins

This is a terrific little diorama made just about all out of foam. Brian shows us pics and tells us some of his techniques for making the medieval ruins diorama..



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