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How to Make Miniature Chainmail Armor

I have a really neat technique here for making quick and easy miniature chainmail. Chainmail is the stuff that is made out of thousands of little rings. Not the hard armor that is sheets of iron.

I made this chainmail as part of a skeleton still in his armor inside the dragon's temple. The skeleton was a wary adventurer named Luther and he was slain by the dragon. This is part of a stop motion animation project. You can see more of that project here.



The chainmail knight in the temple

Here is a picture of Luther in the temple.


Here is the big secret when it comes to making the chainmail effect. I made all the undergarments and then I used Rustoleum metallic silver spray paint to completely paint them. The picture shows Luther's hood, shirt and pants. It is important to use the metallic paint. It has little flecks in it that gives us that great chainmail look.


Spray painting the chainmail.



Painting on the cross

The tunic is easy. I added a typical templar design on it. It is just a piece of black cloth folded in half. The cut for Luther's neck is right at the fold.


The Tunic

Here is another look at the tunic with the neck hole cut.


Fill the tunic

I filled out the tunic with some crumpled newspaper. This simulates Luther's rib cage.


Bones made out of clay

Luther's bones are simply some air drying clay that I used to shape his various major bones.


And there we go. Put it all together and add a cardboard shield. Luther is in place, telling the story of his misbegotten adventure.

The completed chainmail skeleton

This tutorial is part of the Dragon's Temple stop motion animation project. You can see that project here.



Want to make real Chainmail?:

This is a tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to make chain mail. I show you which wire to use, how to create the rings and how to weave the actual mail. How to make chainmail. I will also be doing a tutorial on how to make a piece of chainmail armor.


Miniature Lizard Army

How to make a miniature army (I make lizard warriors) I show you the complete process from start with an idea and a drawing to making a whole bunch of them (as many as you want), This is an overview that explains all the steps including, wire armature, sculpting the master, making the rubber mold, and making all the miniatures. How to make a miniature army



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