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Steve's Viking Miniature Project

This project is a modification of a 1/10 scale resin kit.

Steve had a lot of fun with it and modified it quite a bit. He created the back of the head with the long hair (violin bow string with tandy leather tie backs). The cloak is paper towel layered over the resin model with glue/paint and then highlighted/washed.
Axe has tandy leather wrapped around the axe head.

The biggest challenge was doing the hair.

Steve has lots more dioramas on my website. You can check them all out here: Steve's Dioramas


The completed Viking


Back view of the viking


Painting the viking


The vikings hair


The viking

This resin model comes in a kit that you assemble and paint. Here is a look at the parts. Following two pictures credit AliExpress.

You can check out this resin kit on AliExpress here