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The Mini Honest John Rocket


The Mini Honest John Rocket is an easy one to build. It is a skill level 1 and when assembled it measures almost 13 inches in length. It is rated to fly up to 325 feet high.

It flies with mini engines so take note of this if you buy this rocket. Get the mini engines!

Here it is on amazon:
Estes Mini Honest John Model Rocket Kit




Here I give you an overview of how you assemble it

Here are all the parts that come with it. You need to have a hobby knife, paint, carpenters glue, a small piece of tape, and a bit of sand paper.


The fins are part of a piece of balsa wood and precut. You separate them, sand them a little bit then glue them to the rocket tube.

This is the engine mount. You glue the various pieces together.

Then you glue it into the rocket body.

You glue the launch lug onto the body of the rocket. This is like a straw. You put it on the launch rod and it guides your rocket straight up.

You put together the parachute and nose cone assembly.

You insert the parachute assembly into the body of the rocket and attach the nose cone.

And the rocket is built.

You paint it.

And apply the decals.


And your rocket is done!



Estes Mini Hones John Model Rocket Kit

  • Mini engine powered
  • Sport scaled model of a U.S. battle field artillery missile features a detailed molded nose cone and balsa fins.
  • Fully assembled flying model rocket
  • Flies up to 325 feet
  • Laser cut balsa fins
  • Flies with mini engines
  • 12" parachute recovery
  • Waterslide decals
  • One year warranty
  • Detailed illustrated assembly and launching instructions



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