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Chris's Rocket Museum

Chris has a fascination with rockets and he has turned his house into a rocket museum. He has inside displays and he also has an outdoor rocket garden. This is pretty amazing stuff. And his rockets cover a wide range of themes including actual models of real rockets and some theoretical rockets.

Some of these are kits and some of them he has fabricated himself.

Take special note of the Saturn V model on the roof of the building. It is 5'6" tall.

Do you want to visit the Rocket Museum? It is located in Massachusetts. Send Chris an email for more information and hours:






Atlas I, Atlas II, Titan IIIC, Atlas IV, Ares I, Ares 5




Freedom 7


Space Lab







Little Joe II



Command Module


Delta IV Heavy Lift





The Mars lander 2 ( this is a fictitious rocket of Chris' own design. )




USA and USSR Missiles


USPM (United States Peace Missile)


USPM 1 (United States Peace Missile)

The USPM is Chris' own design. It has a flame deflector, the 2 solid rocket engines and the main engine are suspended in air.

Werner Von Braun