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The Wizard's Castle - Paper castle project

This is a wondeful little paper castle project that you can buy. It is a whole lot of fun to build and it is a whole lot of fun to play with afterwards.


You can buy it on amazon.com right here:

Make This Model Wizard's Castle (Usborne Cut-Out Models)



Here is the completed castle:

The Wizard's Castle


The kit and the tools

You don't need a lot to do a castle like this. Just the booklet, some glue, scissors and a hobby knife. A couple of good rulers would be great too.


One of the fun things about this castle is the various things you can do with it after it is built. Here are a few pictures of examples like the turrets come off so you can look inside the towers, some of the rooms open so you can look inside and there is a little dragon's lair.


The tower


Side view


The cave

A video showing the castle and an animation showing it being built.



Wizard's Castle

Make This Model Wizard's Castle (Usborne Cut-Out Models)

This is the exact castle.


A Paper Castle

Want to see another paper castle build? This is the easy paper castle. Suitable for kids 8 and up. The Easy Paper Castle



The Medieval Port

The Medieval Port - Fun project that is a little different than the typical castle build. Layout the city and its kind of fun. The Medieval Port



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