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Siege! The Paper Game


This is an easy little paper game. You can print up the packet, cut out the pieces and play. It is a two player game. And the object of the game is to either protect or save the king.

You can download the packet for the game right here: SIEGE . It is a pdf.

One Player defends the castle and another player attacks it!






Cut out all the small pieces, there are 21. Cut out the two board pieces and tape them together on the dotted lines. Two Player Game, One is offense and one is defense.

Object: To either protect the king or capture it. If an attacking piece gets up against the king the attacker wins.

To Setup:

Place the ten attacking pieces along the left edge of the board. Place the eleven defensive pieces on the spaces at the right end of the board with the king being on the king square.

Note: Place all the pieces upside down. Don't let the number and name of the piece be shown! You should select where each piece goes very carefully!

To Play:

The attacking player moves first by moving any one piece one square either horizontally or vertically. There are no diagonals in this game. Then the defending player moves a piece. When a piece from offense and defense are against each other ( horizontally or vertically) you flip them over and the lowest number piece is removed from the board. If they are the same number then both are removed. If there is a trap then both pieces are removed.

If a piece moves between two pieces then a three way compare is done. The lowest number removed. If it is a bomb then all three pieces are removed.

To Win:

If the offense can get up against the king the king has been captured and offense wins.

If the game gets to the point where the offense cannot capture in any way, by having no more pieces then the defense wins.




Cauldrom Quest

Peaceable Kingdom Cauldron Quest Cooperative Game for Kids

Cauldron Quest - A Magical Game of Potions and Spells! The Evil Wizard has cast a spell to destroy the kingdom! In this game from the award winning design team at Peaceable Kingdom, players try to work together to create a potion to break the evil Wizard's spell. Everyone is trying to find the hidden ingredients to make the potion to destroy the spell. But work quickly - you have to find them all before the Wizard blocks off all the paths; if you succeed, everyone wins! Game includes 1 game board, 6 potion bottles, 6 cauldron ingredients, 6 path blockers, 1 spell breaker token, 1 wizard hat with stand, 2 white action dice, 3 black magic dice and instructions for game play.



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