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Make a Stained Glass Beehive Ornament

This is a fun little stained glass project. I make these flowers as ornaments for a beehive. But you could simply make them to hang on the wall or hang on a window.

I also have a video tutorial that shows you this whole project. It is at the bottom of the page. (Video coming)

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This is a pretty easy stained glass tutorial and I show you how to do everything from start to finish including mounting them on the beehives.

About the idea:

honeycomb template pieces

I wanted to make some kind of stained glass ornament for two new beehives. But had no idea what to make. I tinkered with a few different things and drew out a few sketches. I wanted something simple and easy yet still good looking. I struck upon the idea of a honeycomb shape. (A hexagon). And it seemed like a good idea so I cut a few hexagons from paper and started tinkering them around to see what I could make.

Honeycomb flower shape

And I came upon the flower shape. This is pretty good. It looks good and it has even another layer of symbolism because of the bee/flower relationship. So let's go with this.

Draw a template

I started by drawing a template on paper. I can use this to easily cut the glass to size. And this is an easy project. I just have to make a total of 14 of these to make both flowers. The only other decision would be what color and type of glass to use.


Lay glass on template

This makes it very easy for glass you can see through. Lay the glass on the template and you can see where to cut the glass.


Scratch the glass with a cutter

Use a straight edge, dip the glass cutter in oil then score the glass along the line on the template.


Snap the glass

And just like that, the glass will easily snap along that score line.


Continue cutting

Continue cutting to get your final shape.


the first glass piece is cut


Okay, let's continue with the tutorial. I will also show you a tip for cutting glass that you can't see through.



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