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Stained Glass Kits and Tools

Here is a hand picked selecton of tools and kits in the art of stained glass.

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Stained glass kit

Delphi Stained Glass Start-Up Kit -

Getting Started in Stained Glass is Simple with the Start-Up Kit We've taken some of our favorite tools and supplies for getting started in stained glass, and put them all in one ready-to-go start up kit, for maximum savings and convenience. Perfect for the beginner that wants quality tools to fit their workshop and budget. A Delphi Exclusive Start making beautiful stained glass projects right away. The included DVD provides instruction start to finish for your first project in handy sections for easy review. Top quality tools make it easy to get fantastic results from cutting to shaping and soldering. Kit Includes: Gryphon Gryphette Grinder Studio 100-watt soldering iron with built in temperature control 8 piece Wissmach English Muffle glass pack about 8" x 10" ea. Supercutter dry wheel glass cutter Delphi Stained Glass Made Easy DVD Breaker/grozer pliers Running pliers 60/40 Solder Copper foil Flux pen Marking pen Safety glasses



Premium stained glass kit

Delphi Glass Premium Stained Glass Start-Up Kit -

  • Best selling kit has been used by thousands of beginners to successfully get started in stained glass
  • Kit features our most popular tools to get you started and keep you creating for years to come
  • Convenient kit has all the essentials for creating your first copper foil panel
  • Instructional DVD makes it easy to follow along and learn at home

Getting Started in Stained Glass is Simple with the Start-Up Kit! This best selling start-up kit has been used by thousands of beginners who have successfully taught themselves stained glass. We've taken some of our favorite tools and supplies for getting started in stained glass, and put them all in one ready-to-go start up kit, for maximum savings and convenience. Features the Power Max glass grinder, Toyo brass glass Supercutter and a 100-watt soldering iron with built-in temperature control. Kit Includes: 8 piece Spectrum Rainbow Wispy Glass Pack, 8" X 8" ea. PowerMax II Glass Grinder 100-watt Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron Brass SuperCutter Glass Cutter Delphi Stained Glass Made Easy DVD Breaker / Grozer Pliers Introduction to Stained Glass Instruction Book (with 15 patterns) 60/40 Solder Copper Foil Flux Pen Marking Pen Safety Glasses Running Pliers Grinder Cookie Soldering iron stand Mark Stay line preserver - 1 oz Create a beginner project like the flower panel below in a weekend! Pattern from "10 Pieces or Less" book #6086, vegetable panel by artist Olivia Vavroch from Delphi's Online Artist Gallery, Family Tree panel by artist Mary Ann Chicoski from Delphi's Online Artist Gallery, peacock feather by artist Nancy Wiswell from Delphi's Online Artist Gallery.


Stained glass beginners kit

Stained Glass Complete Beginners Kit with Gryphon Convertible Grinder

Everything you need is right here with this professional quality stained glass supplies tool kit. All the essentials and more! PROFESSIONAL GRYPHON CONVERTIBLE GRINDER, Studio Pro Hobby 100 soldering iron (100 Watts), Studio Pro Breaker grozier pliers, 1 pound roll Premium stained glass solder, Studio pro 1" running pliers, Pistol grip glass cutter, Glass cutter oil, Soldering flux, 1 roll 7/32" copper foil, Stained glass with Vickie Payne's Professional Soldering Techniques DVD, Marking pen, Foil fid, Flux brush


ebay also has kits (and at some good prices):

Inexpensive Stained Glass Kit

Pieces of Stained Glass on ebay



Pistol grip glass cutter

Studio Pro Pistol Grip Glass Cutter with Oil Reservoir -

  • Pistol grip shape reduces wrist fatigue
  • Self-oiling for a free rolling wheel and consistent score line
  • Carbide steel wheel outlasts conventional cutters
  • Cutter heads are replaceable



Glass cutter

Studio Pro Acrylic Pencil Grip Glass Cutter -

  • Designed for comfort, durability and performance
  • Made from lightweight acrylic
  • Gives you the feel of a brass glass cutter with much less weight and textured barrel gives you greater grip
  • Self-lubricating cutting head
  • Cutting head is replaceable


Glass cutter

Red Devil Glass cutter -

  • Glass cutter
  • Correct wheel protrusion for full versatility on straight or round cuts
  • Cushion-smooth operation results in a quiet yet clean cut every time
  • Steel wheel for the do-it-yourself craftsman
  • Made of zinc die cast
  • Use for general cutting


Running pliers

Studio Pro Running Pliers -

  • Separate glass with ease
  • Designed for comfort, durablility and performance
  • Clear rubber tips allow centering mark to be seen while securing glass
  • Curved jaw breaks glass with ease


Grozer pliers

Studio Pro -3/8 inch Breaker Grozer Pliers -

  • Designed for comfort, durability and performance
  • Use the breaking pliers to break hard-to-break glass along score lines
  • Use as grozers to nibble glass away from edges
  • The spring-loaded jaws work easily



Stained glass tool kit

7 Piece Tool Kit -

1- 8in Glass Breaking Pliers with Flat Serrated Jaws
1- 8in Plastic Running Pliers
1- 6in Spring Loaded Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Lead Dykes
1- 6in Spring Loaded Grozer Breaker Pliers
1- American Style Steel Wheel Cutter
1- Self-Oiling Colorful Glass Cutter With Large Head and Carbide Wheel
1- Self-Oiling Carbide Wheel Cutter With Ergonomic Rubber Collar


Copper foil for stained glass

7/32 inch Black Lined Copper Foil -

  • Outstanding tack
  • Remarkable resistance to temperature and weathering
  • Unique easy pull plastic dispenser
  • 7/32-inch wide black lined copper foil
  • Contains 36 yards



Soldering iron for stained glass

Studio Pro 100 Temerature controlled Solder Iron -

  • 100 watt iron with stay cool comfort grip insulated handle
  • 1/4-inch - 750 degree chisel style tip and quick change nut for easy tip changes
  • Lightweight 4-1/2-ounce design
  • Built-in Temperate Control and Soldering Iron Rest
  • 1 year warranty




Studio Pro 60/40 Solder -

  • Produces a round bead
  • Low melting point
  • Contains 60% lead and 40% tin
  • 1 pound spool



Lead free solder

Amerway Tourmaline Lead Free Solder for Stained Glass -

  • 99.3% Tin, 0.7% Copper Lead Free Formula
  • 1 lb spool
  • Melts at 440 degrees
  • Flows well and has a bright silvery finish
  • Solid core wire solder, 0.125 inch (1/8 inch) diameter



Glass grinder

Gryphon Gryphette Glass Grinder -

110V. The Gryphette offers the best value in a glass grinder today. The small enclosure houses a surprisingly powerful DC motor. Even when using 1" diamond bits, it is virtually impossible to stall the motor. The Gryphette is the perfect grinder for the occasional glass artist, student or classroom. The very low cost and convenient size will be appreciated by everyone who does not require the features of a larger grinder. Motor: 0.67 amp. Motor speed: 3000 rpm. Worksurface: 6.75" by 6.75". Base: 7.75" by 7.75". Base Height: 6.25" Weight: 6 lbs. Water Feed: Sponge. Warranty: 5 years. Shaft Diameter: 5/16".


Zinc came

Zinc Came - (1/8 inch)This is for wrapping around your stained glass work for strength and it makes a nice border. This particular shape is easy to work with and for smaller works.


Zinc came

Zinc Came - (1/2 inch) This is the sturdier type of came. You can see that it is more reinforced. It is for larger pieces like the stained glass window I made for the Wizard's Lair.


Glass cutter oil


Professional Glass Cutter Oil - 4 ounces


Soldering flux


Novacan Old Masters Flux - 8 oz.


Strong line

Morton Strongline Copper Restrip Reinforcement for Stained Glass -







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