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The Fremont Stamp


I have been on a grand trip around the United States. I call it Seeing Medieval America. Well....I have seen a lot of things and have made a lot of stops. Well, I was in southern california near Santa Barbara and I stopped in a rest stop just to take a break and stretch my legs. And there was this wonderful little area all about Fremont. It was pretty cool. The first thing I thought of was the stamp!

So here is the rest stop and the stamp :)


The stamp is Scott # 288 and it is part of the Trans-Mississippi Exposition series. It is a series of nine commemorative stamps that were issued in 1898. And this particular stamp is called "Fremont on Rocky Mountains".



Here is the rest stop overlooking San Marcos Pass.

And here is a closer look at one of the placards.

The placard even has the stamp on it.




It was just a fun little discovery for me because I love stamps and stamp collecting. I know this stamp well and have probably looked at it a hundred times. And now to see a little bit more of the history of Fremont is just terrific!

I have more about the Trans-Mississippi series of stamps right here


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