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STOP MOTION ANIMATION - Limitless creativity

Stop Motion Animation is the art and craft of taking a series of images and then splicing them together in a series.

Think of it as flipping through a picture book. Have you ever taken a series of pages or cards and drew a different image on each one and then flipped through the card rapidly? It creates a moving picture. This is the theory that all movies are made on too! A movie is just a series of pictures that are played so fast that the eye and mind are tricked into believing it is real.


Moving the arm of an animated figure


animation series thumb

Here is the series of pictures I took to make an animation I took a picture, moved the model a little bit then took another picture. I did this until the whole motion of the model bringing up the knife was complete. After this I imported all the pictures into Movie Maker and turned them into an animation. It is really an easy process.



DragonSlayer 7 Sanctum

DragonSlayer 7 Sanctum

This is a stop motion animation that completes the story of the dragonslayer. DragonSlayer 7 Sanctum


talking figure

How to make talking figures in stop motion animation

Ever wonder how they make the mouths move in an animation? I have the tutorial right here. Now you can make animations that talk! How to make talking mouths in stop motion animation


Make a Camera Obscura

A camera obscura View inside a camera obscura

The Camera Obscura is a curious device that goes all the way back to antiquity. And it is a pre-cursor to the camera. Fascinating and easy to make. I have a tutorial right here: How to Make a Camera Obscura


a Phenakistoscope

Make a Phenakistoscope!

A-Phena-what-a-scope? A Phenakistoscope is often referred to as a magic disk. The disk has a series of images on it and when you spin it an animation happens! Yup, I give you everything you need to make this early animation device. Just print up the template along with four different magic disks. Make a phenakistoscope.



a Thaumatrope

Make a Thaumatrope

A thaumatrope is the very first example of the phenomenon of persistence of vision where images merge together. And in a way it is where film and animation started. Two images blur together as you spin it. I have a tutorial on how to make one and I give you four sets of images in a template so you can print them up and make them.
Make a Thaumatrope


a Zoetrope

Make a Zoetrope

A zoetrope is a fun little animation project. It has some similarities to the thaumatrope but instead of two images it has several. So there is more animation! You put a series of images inside a tube and spin the tube. Look through slots you made and the images become an animation. Fun and easy. And I give you the template with the animation ready to go. Make a Zoetrope


Tatebanko Astronomer

Tatebanko Astronomer - Paper Diorama Stop Motion Animation - This is an interesting little project that uses all paper to make the animation inside a paper box. An astronomer looks through a telescope and sees a few interesting things. This shows that there are lots of techniques and materials that are great for animation.



the iKit

Using the iKit Movie Maker software - This is a fun and easy software program for using your webcam to shoot animations. It makes the whole process very easy. I show you how it is done right here. And I make the Tatebanko Astronomer animation with this software.


Dragonslayer 7 Meteor

- This is the latest installment of the DragonSlayer Series of animations.

This is a fun animation that takes place in a blacksmith shop. The whole video is about 2 minutes in length. I show you the making of the set, shooting the animation and you can watch it too! DragonSlayer 7 Meteor


DragonSlayer Skyrim

New Tutorial with animation - The DragonSlayer Skyrim

This is the set for the latest adventure in the Dragonslayer series. I show you about making the set and the various parts and the special effects including a breaking wall and a smoke effect - The DragonSlayer Skyrim Animation


Animation T rex

Can you Make a fantastic stop motion puppet? You sure can! One of my web visitors made this T-Rex using my techniques for puppet making. So, if you want to give it a try I say go for it! You can see more about this T-Rex and how Camo made it right here: Making a T-Rex for stop motion.


Dragonslayer temple

Dragonslayer Temple Animation

Watch my latest stop motion animation in the saga of the dragonslayer. In this episode our dragonslayer battles the dragon. I also have lots of great stuff on how to make sets like this: The DragonSlayer 7 Temple Stop Motion Animation


Our dragonslayer loses his shield

How to do special effects

I have a tutorial here that shows you how to do three different special effects for animation. They include flames, a flying missile and a shield that flies through the air like the picture shown at left. How to do special effects for stop motion animation


The temple set

New Tutorial: Making the Dragon's Temple

The dragons temple is the set for the next installment of the stop motion animation. I show you how I built this set including lighting and some really neat backlit stained glass windows. Making the Dragon's Temple


Mini dragon

New Tutorial: Creating a foam animated figure (dragon)

I build a foam dragon and show you the process of making foam figures step by step. How to make the wire armature and how to secure the feet. How to make a foam figure for animation



New Article: Creating a professional level character for animation The series of DragonSlayer animations continues on and now our character has come to the point where he meets the dragon. That means I need a dragon! I have started the process for this and I have some early insights and tips for how something like this is done. The making of a dragon for stop motion


The mountain scene

Building sets for Stop Motion Animation

This is part of the set for the Dragonslayer 7 Part 6 "Castle". It's the castle perched on top of its mountain. I show you about how to make a set like this and how to use it. It's an eight foot mountain and castle in my living room! I also have the animation you can watch. The Set for DragonSlayer Castle animation


Shooting the forest scene

The Making of the DragonSlayer 7 Journey Stop Motion Animation

They This was a moderately complex animation and I shows you how the set was built and how I did the animation. You can also watch the finished animation The Making of the Dragonslayer 7 Journey Stop Motion Animation


An armature

A look at Ball and Socket Armatures

They are a fantastic way to build a character in a stop motion animation. I show you what they are and how they work. A look at Ball and Socket Armatures for Animation

The figure in motion

Advanced Topics for Stop Motion Animation (And a Video)

I created the DragonSlayer 7 Adventure Begins" video and have also creatred this tutorial using that video as an example. I show you some advanced techniques of stop motion. I don't mean these are techniques for pixar or disney. I mean they are just some good techniques you can use to make a better animation. I cover things like lighting, building a set and doing transition shots. Advanced topics for Stop Motion Animation

You can also watch the 90 second animation.


An animation set

Making a Miniature Set for a Stop Motion Animation

I created a complete one room set with furniture to shoot a video sequence for the DragonSlayer series of Videos. This is a tutorial showing you how I made it and how you can put together a good looking miniature set cheaply and easily. Making a Miniature Set for your animation


Shooting a simple animation

The Fast Easy Guide to Make an Animation

If you are an absolute beginner to animation and want to know how it is done I have a tutorial here that shows you how to make one and explains all the important things you need to know. You can have your first animation done in half an hour. And you probably have software already on your computer that you can use. How to make animation


Pipe cleaner animation

Use Pipe Cleaners to Make a Stop Motion Animation

Pipe cleaners are a terrific way to make an animation. I have a complete tutorial here including everything like the set, the story and more. Pipe cleaner Stop Motion Animation


WW2 Stop Motion

Use a Diorama

New Tutorial on how to use a Diorama to make a stop motion animation. I created a 1 minute long animation with a WW2 Diorama. I show you some tricks and techniques that I used. Use a Diorama to Make a Stop Motion Animation


Dry erase board animation set up

9 Creative Techniques for stop motion animation. This tutorial comes with a video and an animation. I show you a setup I made with a dry erase board. And I do an animation that shows the 9 creative techniques. Tutorial: 9 Creative Techniques


Lizard animation

Use Clay

Using a wire armature and playdoh to make an animated lizard. This shows the basic concept of using a wire armature which is used in most stop motion animation characters. The lizard Animation


A Knight Animation

Use Paper

A Paper Knight A video tutorial that shows you how to do an animation using a simple drawing. This stop motion work uses a drawing of a knight. It uses 114 images, took me 90 minutes to do and the animation lasts 28 seconds. See the Tutorial here


The Magic Egg

The Magic Egg Animation Project

I am currently working on this new animation where I built a little booth for the egg to grow in. Chec out the project and see how I did it here - The magic egg animation project


Animation Jig

Making a Stop Motion Animation Jig - Here is a video that shows you a jig I made to do a stop motion animation project. A jig is very important, particularly if you need to take a picture every day over the course of months like I did for this project. See the Animation Jig Video


Stop Motion Animation Used to be a rather tedious task that required sophisticated equipment and a lot of time. But todays technology has changed that. If you have a cheap digital camera and a computer with Windows XP you have everything you need to make your own stop motion animations. Of course you also need creativity!

I have plenty more animations that you can watch and I have some tutorials that show you exactly how to make your own. With this type of animation the sky is the limit! You can really fire up your imagination and do some amazing things - and all you need is a digital camera and a computer!

The Creativity of Stop Motion Animation

sand whirlpool animation

The sky truly is the limit with this craft! Let me explain. Almost anything at all can be brought to life with this technique. I poured a pile of sand onto a piece of paper and turned it into an animation (The Sand Whirlpool) The picture on the left is of the animation I made. It starts out as a pile of sand it then grows arms and spins like a galaxy. Easy to do and fun. You see, you don't need anything fancy to make an animation. You just need a bit of creativity. Here is another animation I made from a piece of wire. The little wireman pokes his head into the picture in several different places, waves then leaves. Want to try some stop motion animation yourself? I have a tutorial

wireman animation


Beginners guide to animation

Beginner's Guide to Animation: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started To beginners, making an animated movie can seem like voodoo magic. And in fact, until recently, animation was expensive and time-consuming. But now with the help of Beginner's Guide to Animation, anyone can make animated movies, using a digital camera, basic software, and a computer. The book begins with an illustrated guide to setting up a simple animation studio at home, including a list of essential items. Then, new animators hit the ground running with six innovative, instructive projects designed to develop technical skills and explore the potential of animation. A full collection of scannable templates makes it even easier to get started and to finish up. Tips, tricks, and clear instructions on editing, scoring, even making your own show reels and shorts make this the complete one-volume guide to amazing friends and family-and everyone on YouTube!-with great I-made-it-myself animation.

Klutz book of animation

The Klutz Book of Animation: Make Your Own Stop Motion Movies Welcome to the wide-open world of animation. It used to take an empire the size of the Magic Kingdom to make an animated film. And to get viewers, you'd need access to cineplexes or television networks. In other words, you were either in the industry or in the audience. That was then. Today, creating animation for a potential audience of 600 million requires a laptop, a camera, and an internet connection. That's it. The barriers have come down, the people have taken over, and the results are amazing. The Klutz Book of Animation is a complete how-to treatment of this newly accessible art form. It combines practical instruction and ready-to-shoot scripts. Real-life samples of all the projects are viewable online - the perfect marriage of book and web. Speaking of web, the software you'll need is available as a free download. It's plug and play on any computer (PC or Mac). Attached to the book is a piece of low-tech, non-toxic clay, ready to be molded into a million different heroes starring in a million different films - all of them animatedly yours.

Secrets of Clay Animation

Secrets Of Clay Animation Revealed 3! Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed 3 is a book teaching all methods the experts use to make stop motion films from start to finish. After reading Secrets you will know how to create several types of armatures, learn how puppets are sculpted, make a motion control rig, light your sets, make your own surface gages, use video reference, chroma key, capture programs and more.

Stop Motion Craft Skills

Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation, Second Edition (Focal Press Visual Effects and Animation) This authoritative primer of the craft skills required in model animation teaches the basic building blocks of the creation of character driven animation.

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