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The Constellation Machine

This is a fun and unique machine that just popped into my head. I am not sure of the train of thought that brought me to this project but I am glad I did it.

And, I have learned a lot while making this one so I will be upgrading it and making a better improved version.

You can watch the video for this project down below.


This project uses a clever yet easy mechanism. You can learn more about that mechanism here:

How to easily change the axis of rotation

This is a clever way to change rotation on a 90 degree axis. Simple to make. In the picture you turn the hand crank at "A" and the motion is transferred to the paddlewheel at "B" which is 90 degrees different. You can't do this with pulleys. And it is much easier to do! Cardboard machine for changing the Axis of rotation.


The Video is here