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Pictures of Terrariums using recycled jars and bottles

Here are some pictures of more terrariums that were made by Badia A.

If you are thinking about making a terrarium out of an old bottle, jug, or glass container these pictures may give you some ideas on how to do it.

One important thing to think about is that the more interesting the container the more interesting the terrarium!


Glass bottle terrariums

Terrarium in a glass bowl

Vase Terrarium

Tall Glass Terrarium

Two terrariums

Two simple terrariums

Jug Terrariums



Get terrarium started with just a mason jar
Here you can see a couple of pictures submitted by a web visitor. They are of a creative little mason jar terrarium. This also shows the wide variety of plants you can use including moss and mushrooms. Mason Jar terrarium





Using old Jars and containers for a terrarium
You might be surprised at some of the wonderful containers you have lying around the house. You might want to consider making a terrarium out of them! Here are a bunch of pictures of old jars, jugs and containers that have been made into terrariums It's a great way to recycle an old container and get something beautiful out of it!



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