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Meteor Crater in Arizona


Meteor Crater is an amazing stop on route 40 in Arizona. It is about 40 miles east of Flagstaff.

It is kind of amazing how the Arizona desert has preserved this crater for the past 50,000 years. And there is no meteor embedded in the ground. It pretty much all vaporized. All that's left is the hole which is now about a mile wide and 500-600 feet deep. And it caused a berm all the way around so the edge of the crater is higher than the desert around it.

It makes for a fun day trip out from flagstaff which is and easy 40 mile drive.

Note: I also have a video you can watch. It is just a little bit down on the page.











I guess you can see by this google map that I stayed in a Ramada Inn in Flagstaff :)



Watch the video here:




You can't see it in the next picture. But way down there on the edge of that inner circle is a mannequin in an astronaut suit. That's how far away it is. And they have the astronaut because for the apollo missions they trained the astronauts here inside this crater to get them ready for landing on the moon.


This next picture is of the Arizona desert. I was on the rim of the crater when I turned around and took this picture. You can see the parking lot for the crater and the pink buildings are the visitor center.

The visitor center is interesting with lots of displays and they have some kind of a program you can watch although I didn't see it. And they even have scheduled tours where you walk part of the rim around the crater with a tour guide.




Meteor Crater